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    I hate people who ALWAYS show off! They think that they are the best and they think that they have the right to treat others like crap. This did not happen in Quake, but this happened in another shooting game... I was playing a free-for-all. One guy had the highest score and he kept on putting down other people. He kept on yelling profanity all over his microphone. Examples: "You're a f*cking loser. You can't do sh*t."; "I will always sh*t on you."; "My grandmother shoots better than you." No, he did not say these things in a jokingly manner. His tone was very aggressive. He was asking for trouble. Obviously, I do not know his personal lifestyle... BUT LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING... If his car broke down in the middle of the road, I wouldn't help him. If he got fired from his job, I would laugh at him. If this guy was sick for two weeks straight, I wouldn't care about him. I have absolutely no sense of respect for these types of people. I hope that something bad happens to these types of people. Showing off is a no-no in my book. Where I come from, you must respect others if you want others to respect you. When I'm gaming in multi-player servers, I treat others with respect. Even if I have the high score, I maintain a humble behavior. The ones who respect others receive high recognition. (This works on the internet AND this works in real life.)
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    I agree with everything you said, but it's not worth getting worked up over. These guys want this kind of reaction from you.

    When I had an Xbox 360 years ago and played the first big Call of Duty game, I played online for maybe 15 minutes until I realized "Wow, all of these people are assholes." So I promptly shut it off and barely played on xbox live ever again!


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      you wish something bad would happen to these people... all because they smack talk in a video game? I don't believe this is true. I think you're just being emotional. If you really do wish negativity upon these people, however - then you're even lower than they are. Get your emotions in order and focus on being the good person that you are trying to tell us you are. Smack talking is annoying and childish. Wishing harm and negativity on others is evil.

      And no "it's just that...blah blah blah" - it's evil, period.


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        Ignore/mute buttons are the best thing for shit like that as long as there is an option.
        Remind's me of a few quake player's.


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          Originally posted by RL Clown View Post
          Where I come from, you must respect others if you want others to respect you.
          I think this quote goes both ways. Basically your post said you hate these type of people and won't show them any respect. But that is kinda hypocritical to say if you follow the above quote. I certainly understand your anger, frustration, etc. But this guy is obviously a troll and lacks moral character. You can show you have moral character by not feeding into his disrespectful behavior.

          I guess my point is, you don't have to be that guy. If he is on the side of the road, help him out. If he gets fired, help him find a job. If he gets sick, bring him some chicken soup The point is, you (I think) are better than him and have no need to continue a chain of hate that obviously leads to nothing but additional grief (for you and the person you inflict your vengence on). Also, I doubt a guy with this type of personality really cares much if you laugh at him for being sick. :/

          Not disrespecting you here, just hoping you will change your attitude towards situations like this. Your life will be much more fulfilling when you take the moral high ground and show those around you what it means to act mature, friendly, and respectful. The only way that guy will learn is to be shown examples of better behavior. Be the one that sets that example. You may make a gentlemen/women out of someone

          Just my two cents. Also, Smile! It looks good on you!


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            They are idiots.

            Most of the Call Of Duty players are merely stoners that have nothing better to do than to talk major shit while playing. Half of them have these hack programs that prestige's them up and the overall online gaming scene in general has made me sick at how immature most really are these days. Used too everyone was respectful and complemented good game and see you all next time and now it's come on bitch I got you, you ain't shit and yada yada yada. I bought call of duty ghosts and did fairly well but the overall community playing it with the attitudes they had was enough for me to say well see ya later KIDS this is going back to gamestop. I mean that's what it felt like... That I was literally playing a game with a bunch of punk out of control kids.
            Make no mistakes here... I'm not a mere madman... I'm a realist!


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              Unfortunately, in the end it is a safer bet to just play multiplayer with people you know.

              Four player Hidden & Dangerous, Rainbow six and The original BF1942 (what the bots lacked in intelligence, they made up for in numbers).

              I miss LANs.
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                Consoles are riddled with adolescent gamers, facts of life. They always will be,blame their parents I suppose.

                In other news, Xbox ONE controller support for the PC exists now apparently ; Xbox One Wireless Controller PC compatibility | Xbox One accessories
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