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    Originally posted by OMacKnight View Post
    Well, to confirm we did actually split. It wasn't anything personal like we'd had an argument or something. In fact it went down pretty peacefully, but the reason was just that I couldn't handle a relationship. Partly due to my aspergers and how I see the world and perceive what people say (I misunderstand most of her jokes as insults for example, which isn't her fault at all and I believe I should be working on my communicative skills), and partly due to the fact that I'm just not mature enough. Also, starting next February I'm going to start my degree with the open university and the only thing I want to think about it is money, food and work.

    This wasn't something I particularly wanted to do, but after months of trying I just couldn't change to be the person I would need to be. Although we're still friends, and I'm going to be getting a place near where she lives as soon as possible so she can be in a better home environment.

    This isn't going into much detail, but I don't think it's right to talk about it beyond this point. That said, I'm currently focusing on my programming knowledge and general computing knowledge for this degree (computer science with mathematics included).

    But right now is not a good time for noodle-shop, she's going through hell living where she is and needs all the support she can get.

    tl;dr we're not together because I'm uncomfortable in a relationship due to my own problems that actually got worse in a relationship and noodle-shop is going through some seriously bad times

    anyway, hopefully this made sense and when I can get a decent computer sorted I'll be back.
    You both live in the states? You provided to much info IMO but however comfortable you feel sharing it is on you. I pray for both of you.


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      Originally posted by wicked_lord View Post
      Dont mind syluxman his days are numbered as he is moving in with his gf eventually so his gaming days are over.
      why you spillin meh planz hommie? heh, anyway, im just busy playing other stuff.
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        Originally posted by Syluxguy28O3 View Post
        why you spillin meh planz hommie? heh, anyway, im just busy playing other stuff.
        Its all good in the neighborhood.


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          I am like a stray dog, lost in between what I do and what I should do.
          But sometimes, all you need is Imagination.