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    Originally posted by Mindf!3ldzX View Post
    I support teaching kids not to stand on the family pet!

    Family dog =/= stepping stool!

    I'm curious though, where do you stand on foie gras or Yulin festival?
    Do what? Is that even english?

    I will google it and see wtf it is.

    As for standing on the dog I disagree myself. I still hate peta.


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      Ok seen it.

      Thats fucked up for sure and though I may not agree with either of them I dont live in China or France to understand their reasoning behind it. I don't particularly care what goes on in other countries as I have stated before. It is sickning but different cultures do different things and who am I to tell them they can or can not do it. I was born to live, live as free as can be, enjoy life to the fullest and die.


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        foie gras happens in this country!!


        People for Ethical Treatment of Animals cannot be such a bad philosophy that warrants everyone who supports be blanketed with hatred.
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