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    The recent news tend to push a old and wrong habit, first read here:

    xkcd: Password Strength

    A good password is unpredictable and while a random sequence of character is by definition the most unpredictable thing IT IS NOT what you obtain telling people to use mixed chars and strange characters. What you obtain is well explained in the xkcd strip there.

    To make a strong password but still easy to remember I strongly suggest to use a random sequence of 4-6 common, easy to type, words.

    For example:
    "fief prison gourd tudor heal"

    Is a great password (no, it is not mine) and it is fairly easy to remember and type.

    Please, read this page about a good way to make good password.
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    Dictionary replacement attacks have made the random words approach less desirable. I recommend using a manager like Keepassx and generating strong, random passwords that way. Use that in conjunction with your favorite cloud storage and 2fa when you can and you will be about as secure as possible.I recommend SpiderOak for storage. The key file is the most vulnerable part of that scenario. It is encrypted, but you still want to keep it as safe as possible.
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