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    I actually read the entire thread and I still don't understand what's going on. Seriously I don't. This is harder than Quantum Physics 2. But there is one important thing that I have noticed... MadGypsy appears to be acting... No, I'm just kidding. It's a joke. I'm just playing! MadGypsy is a cool person (seriously). He would get a very high score for originality.
    "Through my contact lenses, I have seen them all, I've seen wicked clowns and broken dreams / Crazy men in jumpsuits trying to be extreme and messing around with your computer screen" - Creative Rhyme (03/23/2012)


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      I wish I was acting about my hand... The swelling is gone but it is still weak and sore. I bumped it just right while working yesterday and it was like a spike being driven through my knuckles to my wrist. In hindsight, I'm never gonna put every ounce of me into another punch. My hands simply can't take it anymore. I'm actually starting to wonder if I did break my hand to some degree (not that I really care, obviously, considering I've done 100% of nothing about it). I punched the ever loving crap out of that jerk and probably screwed myself up more than I did him. There's no way to know.

      also @ acting - I've tried to tell y'all before that I'm not always me but, everybody seems to think they know better than me if I'm me so, it's whatever. However in this case MadGypsy = Michael. All you have to do is look at The Dress thread to realize there are 2 people using this account. I already saud I wasn't going to debate the FCC...but "my" last post is the ass opposite. Also, do you really really think the real MadGypsy gives a fuck what kind of automobile you are? No, the real MadGypsy does damage control for that bullshit.

      Let's pull some more out... "I" supposedly told g_b (my friend and game creation hero) something like "warning hah! as long as you treat this like kindergarten it will be kindergarten". riiiight... cause that's how I talk to people like g_b. :/ Problem is, if a post is made as Cigan y'all claim it's me and if it's made as me you claim it's me, so I just get to be fucked. I don't even bother trying to fight whether or not it's me cause a bunch of people have it all figured out. I just eat it, fix it (best I can) and move on. Basically my buddy is an asshole but, we've known each other our entire lives and I can't bring myself to treat him like shit just because he is a short fused, highly opinionated, idiot at times. He spent a long time in prison, if posting garbage makes him happy, so be it. isn't hard when you've been listening to me talk and reading my stuff for <40 years.
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