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Valve sodomizes the corpse of game modding scenes

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  • Valve sodomizes the corpse of game modding scenes

    Alright before we get started, no matter what your opinion on Valve is, lets leave that out of this, I don't need a bunch of people justifying their general business practices right now, I'm here to talk about their latest and greatest dick move to the PC gaming community.

    So, Valve has decided hat they will allow people to sell mods on Steam. Why is this bad you ask? Even ignoring all of the ludicrous stipulations that go along with it, you must realize that the very fabric of the modding community is being ruptured. Remember when people made mods from the heart, just out of love for a game? Well Valve is encouraging users to make mods that cost money, and adds a whole bunch of shady shit into the cauldron. I'm all for selling of total conversions and the like, and stuff that actually requires intense amounts of effort such as mega level packs like we had in the 90's, but we're talking about things like models, audio packs, and basic gameplay modifications that are only allowed to be released through the Steam Workshop. Now lets say that you were going to go ahead and sell a mod anyway. They can sell any Workshop item they want, including ones that are supposed to be free with 100% profit to them. To sell your mod, you must allow Valve to price it, and they make 75% of the money. If your mod doesn't make $400 in a short period, they keep all of the profit (of course you only get 25% of that money anyway.) Publishers are also allowed to take any content you have made and incorporate it into DLC packs, and you get no money from it. Anyone here who supports this is a disgrace to the Quake community as a whole, as it rubs salt all over everything we stand for, and have stood for during these past decades. Modding is one of the most precious freedoms of computer games, and to have it defaced in such a way by a megacorporation that practically controls the entirety of the platform to begin with is outlandish. Thoughts?

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    This is pretty interesting... first thing I thought was that those people making those huge Skyrim conversions (only game with paid mods, atm) could get paid for their hard work. Then I see a pic with a sword you can buy for $0.99... probably kills anything in one hit and made in an afternoon, at best. Lame.

    I'm reminded of when Diablo III introduced the cash shop auction house and everyone put up anything at a price between too much and holy-shit,-no-one-is-that-rich-to-buy-a-low-level-item-for-a-hundred-dollars. Then you had the smart ones putting up their junk for $98 dollars to beat the price... anyway, it just filled the system with so much junk that it was a joke. At least Steam has reviews so you can see that other people were already ******ed out of their money for a buggy mod.


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      There's one guy selling horse genitalia in the game for $99.99. You heard me. He gave the horse model a penis and is selling it for 100 Burgerclap dollareydoos. I still dislike the idea to begin with.
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        Here's another nugget about that, Ebisu.....


        The venting forum is bout to get a bit more crowded, I got my own shit to vent
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          Damn, these guys are obnoxious. Thanks for the link anyway!
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            Ebisu, if you thought those guys was obnoxious, wait til you read this article....

            Creator of removed paid Skyrim mod gives his side of the story - PC Gamer

            If this isn't a front runner for #1 clusterfuck, I'd sure like to know what constitutes one! LOL
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              Just one more way big companies can stick their hand in a person's pocket and take 75%. Whether you like it or not.

              99% of games are a joke these days anyway and Valve seems to have used it's last 1UP in my eyes when they released Portal 2. Good game but ever since they've been just fvcking up badly.
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                Portal 2 was a great tech demo for what a AAA bsp based Singleplayer experience could be in 2011, but it was extremely disappointing to me. I am in no way saying it was a bad game, but I lost interest very quickly. Luckily for all f us, EYE Divine Cybermancy came out that year, and was a significantly better Source engine game, and is still a marvel to behold tech wise. The skybox sizes are mindblowing. You want to talk about Valve's other fuckups? How about casualizing Counter Strike and selling it as an Esports game (I'm not going to lie, I honest to god like the game, but it is a shame. Esports being soulless is another rant for another day), and making MOBAs even more relevant than they should be (as if it wasn't bad enough already.) They don't make games anymore, as they are too busy leeching off of marketed mods, and making Team Fortress 2 even worse, ever so slowly. Team Fortress 2 is a great example of software Valve should have never acquired the rights to.
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                  A lot of people mod for fun and to learn a few things and not go into it thinking they're going to charge and make money. Most of my Skyrim mods come from the Nexus! I've installed maybe 2 mods from the Steam workshop, but I could live without them if they where to charge an absurd amount. If people put up crap just to charge users for whatever game I would think the reviews will reflect it and no one would buy those. There are those people who put in tons of time and create some quality mods and assets. Those people should be rewarded if they choose to sell their mods.


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                    I strongly disagree. Now, if a mod maker were to have a donation jar or something, that would be perfectly fine. Selling mods is a bad idea unless it is a total conversion or a proper 3rd party expansion if the license permits.
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                      The Gabe has Spoken.....

                      Gabe Newell answers questions about paid mods on Reddit - PC Gamer
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                        He's full of shit. Reddit (being Reddit and all) is sucking him off while he justifies their shady business practices, again.
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                          i can see how this would work in some way for legit developers who want compensation for there time, but it just seems too easily abused to be allowed to exist.
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                            since i saw this ive been a huge opposer of the whole paid-mods thing,
                            and i just wanted to share this what i just got in my email with you all

                            Cyand Wondel
                            Paramaribo, Suriname

                            Apr 27, 2015 Guys I cannot thank you enough of what has happened.
                            We won with 133,013 signatures. It has been an honor to have hosted this petition for all of you.
                            Without your support, we would never have achieved victory.

                            We have united and have won.
                            We got Valve and Bethesda to roll back the paywall that they have created and saved our modding community.

                            I hope this shows that all of you that if you unite against something and truly to reach for the goal, you will achieve what you have set for.

                            I don't want to write too long. I thank you guys and congratulate you on this.

                            It has been a pleasure to host this for you.

                            Cyand Wondel


                            and as you can see in this screenshot i just made, valve has indeed removed paid mods from steam

                            ive been a huge opposer from this since the moment i heard about it,
                            and im glad to see its gone again thanx to all the people who've called out against valve
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                              Never really bothered me, either the fact that steam tried something new and it might go away OR maybe I'm a sadist.

                              joking aside I still don't understand how Gabe/Valve hadn't seen this coming. It might go away perhaps.
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