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who is this maggot named SaToon ??

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  • Syluxguy28O3
    cheating in quake:

    "some things never change"

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  • Mindf!3ldzX
    started a topic who is this maggot named SaToon ??

    who is this maggot named SaToon ??

    Originally posted by Mindf!3ldzX View Post
    Rune Central SaToon running his mouf - Accused of cheating constantly

    The only knowledge about SaToon I have beyond ^ that post is that he was banned from here awhile back for whatever reason. He is being very enigmatic.
    Said someone went to prison or some shit, yada yada idk wtf he is going on about,short of Napalm having passed away (may he rest in peace).

    I'm going to email Jay (Rambo) tomorrow as well and see if he can clarify some of this information.

    Hindsight is the enabler of regret, and basically I'll say this , I used the word maggot out of frustration, and now?
    This shit is buried, filed under ~Finished.
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