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  • dammit (June 2016)

    I must apologize for my asinine behavior on forums (these last few weeks).
    I've been going through a rough patch and I've been taking it out on you guys instead.

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    No worries at all! Most of us enjoy a little competitve arguments. We probably do that more than actually talk Quake...

    anyways, hope things start looking up for ya.
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      No need to apologize, H1CC. I'm not even sure what or where you are referring to. I know you have been a bit more outspoken lately and making longer posts but, that's hardly something to be apologetic about. If you were taking something out on me, I didn't notice (lol). My closest friends in this world are rock solid in their opinion and unafraid to share it. We don't always agree regarding opinions but, we always agree that we're friends.

      As far as the rough patch goes... have I taught you nothing young Padawan?

      step 1: Identify problem
      step 2: Eliminate problem
      step 2A: If problem can't be eliminated work around or through it
      step 3: Have a "Hah hah, fuck you!" attitude the entire time. (this just helps build confidence and make you stronger than the problem. It can also be used as a litmus cause, if you aren't actually owning the problem while you have this attitude, this attitude will be short lived and replaced with "Boo hoo, oh fuck!")
      step 4: Realize that whatever this was, it was the least of your problems
      step 5: Repeat forever until everything is perfect... in other words, you got lots of problems (we all do) you can't wait til you start realizing an effect before addressing them. I recently bought some laundry detergent that is a very mild irritant to more sensitive skin areas. Regardless of the irritations being next to non-existent I didn't wait til I used up all the detergent to get a different brand. Yet another problem immediately addressed and resolved. Now I have room for something else stupid to pop up as opposed to PILE up.
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