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WTF Toronto drivers?

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  • WTF Toronto drivers?


    Ya'll ever been to Toronto? No? You should. Its a cool place. Just don't drive. Doing so would result in a very large increase in the percentage of shit going down.

    I love Toronto, but in my opinion, we have some of the most idiotic drivers out there. We have a graduated licensing system here in Ontario, but you wouldn't f*ckin' know it. I have confidence in my driving ability and am well aware that if I do not pay close enough attention, there's a good chance that somebody will up n' run into me. Its not always like that, and in certain areas you need to be more cautious than others, but it shouldn't be like that at all.

    Rush hour's the worst because we have such a large population trying to win the rat race through a city that's not designed for that many people. It gets so bad at times that they have had to close down the highway because there were too many people on it. And that only happens because people cut each other off to get 3 car lengths ahead, and end up smashing into each other.

    In the short time that I have been driving, I have witnessed many incidents, some of which include:
    -Rear-ender one car behind me
    -A Roger's van mount a curb, take out a sign, and almost hit me because he was texting.
    -People up 'n drive on the wrong side of the road because they went full yesmad mode and decided to bypass traffic.
    -A man start to slow down for a crosswalk, decide to bail on that whole stopping thing, and speed through it.
    -A woman start to make a left turn across 2 lanes of traffic without a signal, start her turn WAY too early, and stop in the middle of the oncoming traffic, blocking both lanes, while she figured out how to proceed.
    -A hit and run involving a pickup and a bicycle (the cyclist was ok)
    -A tow truck driver drive straight through a right turn only lane, yell at me and stick his entire upper body out the window because I honked him, then yell at me again because I took his plate number and Towing service number

    -Deep inhalation- I ride a bike a fair amount during the summer, and try to avoid road when at all possible. While riding my bike I have:
    -had a door opened on me (Quake reflexes saved me)
    -had enumerable cars pass WAY too close (it is also now a law that cars must provide 1 meter of space while passing a bike (that's just over 3 feet in American))
    -been run into head on by another cyclist (who was not following the rules of the road)
    -and been break checked at 40km/h (25mp/h) by a truck

    In conclusion... WHAT THE DAMN HELL TORONTO?


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    s/Toronto/{whatever city you happen to live in}/g

    Grass is always greener in the other side. Especially when involves car traffic.

    Truth is, nobody in this planet knows how to drive properly.



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      sounds like toronto has some good drivers... come to New Irleans and you will agree, by comparisson.


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        Originally posted by Izhido_ View Post
        s/Toronto/{whatever city you happen to live in}/g
        Toronto IS the city silly. Its in the province of Ontario. Its that cloud of smog North of Buffalo


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          Well maybe you can print out your list here and take it to the police station there and explain all this - looks like you need more highway patrol police over there I think you'd do everyone a favor showing concern for your city and its conditions - and we all want to see Pieface in one piece -and it will be safer for everyone as a result
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            Yuupppp....north Idaho's about the same. Lol. Except the problem is usually people driving too slow on two lane roads, which pisses other people off, who in turn start driving recklessly to pass, so on and so forth.
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              Honestly, I don't know of any city where good drivers outnumber bad ones.