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  • the invasion has begun! hide your children, grab the guns, and pack sandwiches.



    • Originally posted by bfg666 View Post
      Trying to divert attention once again... Hmmm... If you don't give a shit about being taken even remotely seriously, why the hell are you even arguing in the first place? You don't sound like a troll, so what's in it for you besides killing time?
      Divert attention from WHAT? He made comments, I addressed them.

      Take me seriously. Or don't. Like me. Or don't. Believe one thing though: that I really don't care about winning a popularity contest. I don't care if someone down rep's me. Does a rep system effect me? Not at all, so I don't worry about it. But if someone uses it as a means to tell me to "please die", I'm gonna mention it, because that's starting to sound like a death threat. Don't make threats, just do it. All I need to say about it.

      What I get: Killing time and low brow entertainment.

      Now if you don't mind, can we get back to the part where someone has a point of view on a subject and we discuss that point of view? Me being an asshole isn't a point of view for debate if I say I'm an asshole. It's really just trolling me. And I normally don't mind that shit, I got thick skin, but the rules might be kinda strict on that here, so lets not go there yet. If I get banned over it, so what, I'll manage. If anyone else gets banned... it'll maybe crush their soul and their dreams. I may have said a lot of trollish shit-picking things in my posts to people in the past week, but I sprinkled it in with real on-topic banter to keep it appropriate. ...Until that last post, of course. Not gonna do that anymore. You twerps wanna take a whole post to tell someone how unloved they are without really discussing any other topic or issue, fine, have at it. But don't expect me to join you anymore.
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      • @DM -

        ... I'm just trying to represent, ya know.

        side note:

        I absolutely hate this avatar and I don't know how much longer I can log in and see this ass-clown under my name.