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Denial of Service Attacks

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  • Denial of Service Attacks

    Anyone experiencing slow boggy connections ?
    delayed dns ?

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    Not as of right now. I was on from 5-8 AM and am now just getting on again.

    I'm in Toronto so if there was any issue I would think I would experience it


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      I have AT&T DSL, it's always slow and boggy.
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        Too much media jabber wocking?

        DoS attack is your new jingo lingo this year, yet it's 40 year old tech.

        maybe your pr0n habit gave u a virus? ||


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          DoS wouldn't exactly make YOU slow unless they were attacking you specifically or your ISP, which is unlikely. (Not impossible, but unlikely) Most DoS attacks target services and servers, like XboxLive, banking sites, file downloading, game servers, etc. They usually overload and crash the target knocking it completely offline for a period.

          Slow connection could be something as simple as a Windows update downloading in the background. With DNS problems you could have an old modem/router/gateway that just needs updating or replacing. (If its a modem provided by your ISP, and the problem continues or worsens over the next few weeks, call them out and they can replace your shit and/or find and fix the problem) Or... a virus/rootkit/malware problem. Not all porn sites are created equal. Keep a short list of reputable ones to visit and dont deviate. Mindless dick-driven link clicking is like mindless dick-driven fucking. Eventually you're gonna plow a gash with hidden surprises. WEAR PROTECTION, SON! AdBlock and a decent antivirus will cover most things but its no substitute for intelligent browsing. For gods sake, if its in Russian, Indian, or any Asian scribble-thingy letters, RUN LIKE HELL. But DoS? Not likely.
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            Sorry for bumping an older post but this could've been a reason for your issues.

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