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  • women/wives part5

    Well recently I went off on my wife about what seems as a "fetish" of hers. I have noticed her when we are out together her repeatedly staring at and commenting about "colored" men. Not that I am racist or anything, but it wouldn't bother me as much if her taste was a bit more, well, "eclectic", as I am white as a ghost and she is white as well, and if she fancied more of what looks similar as me. Even if I found other women/races attractive, I wouldn't tell her explicitly because I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings, however she is outright and bold about it to me. Should I let this go, or is this something I should be worried about?

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    Two choices, ignore it or get a divorce.
    Your call.
    Asking strangers on the internet to give you relationship advice, with just a paragraph of background information is not going to yield you very good results.
    There is like a million things to consider.

    Going from your understandably one sided view, it reads like your partner has eyes for other guys.
    Is she doing it to wind you up or is she bored with you?
    I don't know!

    My advice, talk to her, honestly and openly about how this makes you feel, don't get angry and make sure you listen.
    Then try to move on from there.
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      Originally posted by samiam View Post
      ... "colored" men. Not that I am racist or anything, ...
      Haha! Wait... Is that a joke? Because, for one thing, I'm pretty sure the term "colored" in and of itself is usually considered racist terminology by many black folks. And for another thing... no one has called them "colored" since the 50's, haha! You aren't THAT old are you?

      If you ask me, the color of whoever it is she's molesting with her eyes has fuck-all to do with anything unless you WANT it to be an issue. The REAL issue is that she's making eyes at other MEN. The womern's like to talk, sure. Some of them tend to lack that filter between their thoughts and their mouth which strains out the things that would be better left as mere whimsical thoughts that never see the light of day. But if she's bold enough to be constantly waving those wet-crotched thoughts in your face at any moment, then it might be worth contemplating what she'd be bold enough to do or say when you WEREN'T right there to witness it.


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        In June 2015, you had a "girlfriend" you'd been with for a year-and-a-half.

        A year later, you had been married 3 years?


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          Maybe he's one o them there swangers.


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            You need to learn what a racist is and stop being one.

            Also in one of gullivers links you were the one looking at women. Seems like both of you are loser fucks that don't have enough class to save your infidelity desires for a time when you aren't actually together. Seems like you are perfect for one another.

            Will there be a women/wives 6 where you admit she cucked you and now you're not even sure if you still like women?
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              Tell her like I tell my wife, "Once you got black you are going to need a wheelchair" and not after sex, but after you get shot.

              Joke's aside.

              My wife and I are pretty open about people's look's and if we think someone looks good or even bad and we mention it, it lead's to talks and so forth. Everyone is entitled to an opinion even if it's not the way you like it to be.