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I Miss the New Posts Button. :(

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    For 6 years I had my page order set exactly like 'LATEST ACTIVITY'. I may be the only one but, for me this is no different (except first post is always visible). Why is it so important to look at posts first to last with a special link to last instead of last to first as soon as you visit the page?


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      As a newbie to this forum, are people still around? Will I know if someone replies?


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        Sadly, these days, I think you're more likely to get a reply from a spambot selling shoes or sunglasses than a real person so I wouldn't worry too much.

        Seriously though, the place is pretty broken just now. You'd perhaps be better off hanging around func_msgboard (it's very active) until such times as this place is actually given some care.
        I got the phone call at 4 a.m.


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          Originally posted by Immorpher View Post
          Will I know if someone replies?
          That depends. Will you actually check the webpage? If not, you'd better be psychic, ...cuz we ain't callin' you on the phone, broseph.


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            @You'd perhaps be better off hanging around func_msgboard (it's very active)

            sure, func is nice but, it's hardly a replacement for full-blown forum software. Profiles, your own drive, thread subscriptions, chat room, post editing for infinity, avatars, signatures, private messaging, public messaging, archived pages of tools, engines, editors... etc

            NextGenQuake has all of those things and more. I add new features constantly.