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Playing Games to release emotions

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  • Playing Games to release emotions

    Hello guys, is there any one of you here that are playing games to feel calm?

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    Hello there :-)
    Stress is best fought with movement. Head for you local sport studio or take a really long walk. Playing games is a distraction for the mind. But stress is a physically-psychic process. Moving your body will help to reduce the stress-hormones.
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      Nah, I'm Irish, I drink and keep the stress bottled up until I'm 40 when the top blows off and I start picking people off with a scoped .308 from the town clock tower.


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        Originally posted by LoverFlyBrace View Post
        Hello guys, is there any one of you here that are playing games to feel calm?
        Totally. Games help me turn my brain off after a long day or week. Or at least help distract me for a few hours from everything else going on. It can be therapeutic.

        I agree with killingjoke though too, working out and exercising helps a lot too.


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          When your body secretes chemicals for fight or flight and you don't use them for a long time you will be burning neuronal receptors of those chemicals, downregulation in streess is a very very bad thing.
          It's necessary to use that hormonal cocktail that the body gives us.
          So listen to TheKillingJoke
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