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I now have 168 weapons in my game.Thoughts? (Harvy Weinstein did nothing wrong BTW)

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    This guy doenst sound like a classical Jew. So I'm gonna go with a very confused Muslim.

    Bro, no one cares about your lame mod or your twisted Islamic crap. Get off the forum.
    'Replacement Player Models' Project


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      Originally posted by Dutch View Post
      This guy doenst sound like a classical Jew. So I'm gonna go with a very confused Muslim.

      Bro, no one cares about your lame mod or your twisted Islamic crap. Get off the forum.
      Deuteronomy is in the Old Testament.

      What do you find "lame" about my mod?

      Enumerate your problems with it.

      And show us something you have created, your mod, if you can.

      168 weapons. You cannot touch what I have built.
      City generation. Build-able buildings.. foliage system. Spell casting.
      The list goes on.

      Programmer. 3d Artist. Mapper. Musician. Attorney.

      What are you?

      Oh, and the muslims prophet did the correct thing in marrying the young girl. BTW: the muslims will win out against your pro-women's rights system. You will rage against the child marraiges that occur again in Europe after a 60 year hiatus. American'ly.


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        Here I have a quake1 compatible game offering. It has every weapon you could want, plus a foliage system, monsters, etc etc etc.
        Medeval weapons, spell casting, WWI weapons, modern weapons, future weapons.
        City Generation (with interiors). RTS style buildable buildings (with interiors).
        Even torture.

        I've also added things you might see in modern games such as pipes emitting flame jets or steam or water or ice or poison when shot.
        (You can set this on any entity)

        You can set what "sets" of weapons to spawn around the maps, or to start with, etc.

        Yet you call it "lame", never having taken it for a spin.

        Lets stop pretending that you have any stake in anything or any will to work on anything that could "help" quake.
        You're a useless eater (aka an american).

        You don't even like cute young girls.

        A "lame" person like me with my "lame mod" does more for Quake then you ever have or ever will, Dutch.
        And I'm just one "lame" guy.

        At-least I know beauty when I see it, instead of making sure no man on earth can have it, like you, big hover-round guy.


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          Originally posted by Dutch View Post
          Bro, no one cares about your lame mod or your twisted Islamic crap. Get off the forum.
          Notice how the proud american male cares more about enforcing his countries belief system (aka: religion) than about actual accomplishments pertaining to what the forum is actually about.

          This is how american males are. You and anything you make is worthless if it is discovered that you do not worship at the foot of the woman like they do.
          The world waits for the day when they can overthrow this illogical emotionally driven cattle-like population of "men" who lack any inkling of intellect and who, having no accomplishments of their own, do not even recognize what an accomplishment is (getting fat and liking fatter women is not an accomplishment).


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            So, what do you think about the game? Do you like the new weapons?


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              Alright, if that's what you want to do. Just don't be surprised if someone criticizes your game for having homogeneous weapons, despite what you say. If you do manage to make each weapon balanced, unique, and feel good, that will be a feat worthy of making a good game off of those skills. Kinda reminds me of the M9K packs in garry's mod, but I wouldn't make a game around that.

              I must ask you if you modeled each weapon yourself, as that's also insanely difficult. I'm assuming you have gotten a bunch of models online and added game logic to them.

              Also, your choice is bullshit. The two are unrelated topics, and they both have places to be in this forum. There isn't any reason why you could have not posted the whole Wienstein thing in politics, and your mod here. You got half of that right, at least.

              And, finally, I strongly recommend you stop posting here in the first place. I'm not sure what that engine is, but it isn't the quake 1 engine from what I can see. If that's the case, please post your mod showcases on a different forum that is more akin to what you are actually modifying. I don't see much of a reason for it to be here if it isn't directly related to Quake or has a good reason to be.

              Anyway, good luck to you, and most importantly, stop being a huge dick.


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                Also, why the hell is your game 4 gigabytes? That's a huge barrier someone has to get past to play a mod. Its also an iso. It would make much more sense to simply compress it first, but apparently you can't do that.


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                  I looked up the game. Every single link I found was either a repo or a post somewhere. This is an overly aggressive advertising campaign for your arguably sub-par mod. In fact, many of the comments and posts involved admins or users asking you to stop spamming your game everywhere. I have no idea how you got to, but I am taking action. I have direct contact with SoleCord, the admin of this site, and I will ask him to keep an eye on you.

                  Anyone is allowed here, but bullshit spam is completely unallowed and nobody is going to take it.

                  I hope you find some sort of success with your mod, but I am sure that you will not find that success here. I also reccomend you stop spamming your mod everywhere. I know it's everyone's dream to be successful, but sometimes you just have to accept that what you make is simply and only for you. You should live by this.

                  I must say:

                  It is impressive that you have been working on this mod for such a long time
                  It is impressive that you have managed to get your mod to the size it is
                  It is impressive that you were able to do this by yourself

                  But, it simply does not look very good.

                  I downloaded your mod. From what I got from it, its just regular old xonotic. There were no directions on sourceforge on how to run the mod. So, if you do want to do that, I highly recommend that you give directions on how to start the mod. I was using Debian 9 stretch.


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                    So, apparently, I was playing the mod after all.

                    Alright, so whatever I played wasn't very fun. It was a campaign botmatch where you had to pick up weapons using f, and the gatling or machine gun or whatever seemed to kill the bots instantly, while the starting pistol was too awkward to use since you had to reload it after 8 shots, and that's with bots moving around really damn fast. In my opinion, it's no better than my own deathmatch mod, maybe even worse since balance didn't seem to be top priority. I never saw any of these 160 weapons of yours, and honestly, from my first impressions, it's not exactly worth my time to try every single one out. The music was also not very impressive.

                    Try starting a new project and think of a new idea. This 10 year old mod of yours is definitely not worth playing for the messiness of it all, and it's definitely not worth developing anymore either. I'm assuming that there is a lot more to this, but that is mainly your fault for not explaining how to access all of these features. There is singleplayer, multiplayer, and settings. There was nothing else, and the singleplayer was just a bot campaign. The settings were standard xonotic settings, and weren't special either. The help section didn't help, as it didn't explain how to access these great features of yours. I know there is more to this mod, as I have seen your showcase videos. But, I simply don't think it's worth it, because I know its going to be an un-entertaining mess of stuff that shouldn't be there.

                    One of the biggest things you need to learn is that having too many features is a bad thing. You could argue that garrys mod does this, but the main thing is that the extensiveness of it is controllable by the player. The player makes their game their own by installing mods at their own accord, therefore making the game exactly to their liking. Your mod, in this case, is a jumbled mess of features that aren't very appealing, and is anything but user friendly. From what I saw, there was a plethora of features, including body temperature, vehicles, jail mode, and a bunch of other unneeded stuff.

                    To have a completely honest summary from what I am to expect when I get this working, this is simply going to be like someones copy of garry's mod with all of their stupid mods added in, but instead of it being on the source engine, its on top of darkplaces. And they are all mods no one wants to play.

                    I hope you found my posts useful, and I seriously hope you get your life together. You are a fucked up person with no other purpose other than to piss people off.

                    And, since I know you are going to ask me what I've done, I will say that I have done a little. What I have done I feel isn't that special, but I do care when someone else cares about what I do. What you think is that your mod is special. It isn't special.


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                      Note, since this topic was trying to push conversation not related to Quake, I've moved the topic to the Venting forum.


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                        I think it's okay to punch women for not cooking a good meal. And the holocaust never happened. And slavery was awesome, we should reinstate it. It should be perfectly legal to douse gay people with gasoline and light them on fire. All Mexicans should be shot.

                        ...this is the ridiculous trolling statement thread, right?

                        PS. you folks do know this guys completely full of shit, right? As someone who has trolled here before and been called out for it... hehe... allow me to declare that if it truly does "take one to know one",.... then this guy IS one.

                        Hmm... actually I didn't mean any of that stuff. I do mean this though:

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                          Now THAT ist how proper Trolling ist done!
                          I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
                          My little gore mod :


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                            Focalor Yeah, but he does appear to be serious about his game. I mean, its 4 gigabytes big and he posts it everywhere. That's why I am trying to focus on that.


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                              Release 117v: 1877 "bulldog" Gatling Gun. 1850 Sharps "buffalo" Rifle


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                                >I must ask you if you modeled each weapon yourself, as that's also insanely difficult. I'm assuming you have gotten a bunch of models online and added game logic to them.

                                Your supposition is correct. I get alot of models from opengameart and blendswap. All are opensource licensed (cc0, ccby, ccbysa).
                                I also model alot of models myself aswell.

                                Some of the models I've done are as follows:
                                IV (Tank), LightAPC (Car), Bulldozer
                                Delugegun, Charbelcher, Battering Ram,
                                - SiegeMortar, HotchkissM1914, Gatling1877,
                                - (Contrib: T17MM)
                                Pistol, Crossbow, War Hammer,
                                - Caltrops, Torch, Multi-Tool, ShortSword,
                                - BroadAxe, LongSword, Rapier, Shackles,
                                - Spear, Morgenstern, Lightsabre, Crowbar,
                                - Longbow, Cudgel, Crude Bow, Composite Bow,
                                - Light Crossbow, Flanged Mace, War Mallet,
                                - Kiduchi, Shiningstar, Yumi, IronCrow,
                                - Handcuffs, Grey Iron Mallet, Dagger,
                                - Claw Hammer, BastardSword, Scimitar,
                                - WarAxe, PowerSaw, Falchion, Hellriegel SMG,
                                - Chauchat, Sho-Sho, BAR 1918, LightsabreII,
                                - LightsabreIV, LightsabreXI, Spiked Mace,
                                - Sai, Bronze Cudgel, Tec-9, Pounder-SMG,
                                - Henry 1860 Rifle, Sharps Rifle,
                                - (Contrib to: Tetsubo, Yari, MG 08/15),
                                Balloon, Spikeball, Spikes,
                                - Abandoned Buildings, Buildable Buildings,
                                - SCTiles Buildings, Coins, Gems, (+misc others)

                                I also contribute textures maps and music aswell for the game.
                                (and, ofcourse, gamelogic)