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  • RL Clown's pet peeves

    RL Clown's pet peeves in random order:

    - Lagging: I assume that many people already know what internet lagging is, so I don't have to provide so many details. Lagging slows down gameplay, especially in deathmatch. I have some patience, don't get me wrong. But lagging spoils gameplay. Lagging really sucks and lagging can give people a headache.

    - Nosy people: Ignorance/carelessness is one thing, but nosy people can really bother me. Nosy people invade the privacies of others. Come On! Every human being is entitled to have some privacy. Life without privacy is kinda like life without fresh air.

    - People who pick the fast lane but drive very slowly: Slowing down traffic is a no-no. If these people wanted to drive slowly, they should have chosen the other lanes.

    - People who can't control their temper: These people lose their temper over some small/minor things. Something minor goes wrong and these people act as if they're King Kong or Godzilla. These people should all take anger management courses. There is no such thing as a "perfect world"; mistakes will always occur. Just take a chill pill and move on.

    - "I told you!": Some people get angry when they find out that someone has not been paying attention to them. I find the behavior unpleasant, irritating, unpredictable, inconsiderate, and hypocritical, all at the same time. (And if these people were subject to the same type of treatment, I can visualize these people feeling hurt and angered as well.) Really, these people should relax... Human beings do not have an "infinite attention span". Let's face it; sometimes it's really hard to listen to people. When I catch people not paying attention to me, I don't lose my temper. I give them some time and they will learn from their errors.

    - People who behave moronically and obnoxiously: These people are actually smart but they behave moronically or destructively. They like to bother people. I don't know what is wrong with them. (I wouldn't hang out with those punks.)
    "Through my contact lenses, I have seen them all, I've seen wicked clowns and broken dreams / Crazy men in jumpsuits trying to be extreme and messing around with your computer screen" - Creative Rhyme (03/23/2012)

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