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Mf'rs at it again!!!

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  • Mf'rs at it again!!!

    Westboro Baptist Church will 'super-picket' Colorado massacre memorial service - Orlando Pop Culture |

    These c0ck blowing mother freakers are at it again. Someone need's to shoot fred phelps and his piece of shit daughter to end their fucking rants at funerals. They pickette every damn thing that makes national news when it comes to killings. I was at the WESTSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH to help guard a soldier's funeral last year in july 2011 from these ignorant fucks. Westboro Baptist Nuts Coming to Protest Soldier's Funeral Tonight - Broward/Palm Beach News - The Daily Pulp .... They never showed up unfortunately, I was armed with my .40 calibre along with several sheriff's/police agencies and to my suprise we had several biker gang's show up and retired biker vet's. The funeral originaly was supposed to have 600 people attending the funeral, with all the security around the church we had around 2,800 people. that was 2,200 public/private persons waiting on WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH to bring it on. The bastards never showed. Damn ****ies. BTW, God hate's bigots, hypocrits and c0ck ******s like those involved with WESTBORO.

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    god hates us all


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      god hates us all


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        Yeah your right god gates us all.. Only in Foq'd up world.


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          ever seen "red state"?
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            They must be hate-vampires, they need it to survive.


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              Westboro Baptist Church Threatens To 'Super Picket' Aurora Prayer Vigil For Batman Shooting Victims

              Read the article,maybe you will want to TOO (about the same CRAZY-BIBLE-THUMPING-MORONS who protested war with "Thank god for Dead Soldiers" type posters)

              Except this, time "Thank god for the Shooter" , wow. Time to fn treat their church like an awesome episode of Mythbuster's !!
              [ame=]The MythBusters blow up a cement truck! - YouTube[/ame]
              These WestBoro fucks are pretty god damn twisted. They smoke some serious Crack Cocaine to think that their GOD would approve of their REVELING in the deaths of Innocence. I'm mostly just like WTF.

              And to think these idiot's get a "Free Ride" on "Freedoms Coat Tails" from the Men and Women serving out country, be it cops or military. I would like to ship these idiot's over sea's to an oppressed country, and let them picket protest outside the "protective veil" of the USA's freedoms.
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                where these bastards located...maybe ill go all batman on their asses see if they think its okay
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                  Originally posted by rambo View Post
                  where these bastards located...maybe ill go all batman on their asses see if they think its okay
                  I wish teh Dark Knight would show up and pummel all those fn West Boro idiot's. The batman guy driving the Bat-Lamborgini-Mobile looks gangsta enough to do it too....And he's rich enough to afford the defense team needed to protect his act of heroism (stomping WestBoro Asses)

                  [ame=]Batman drives a Lamborghini and get caught - YouTube[/ame]

                  also due to the fact idiots in the news world think that these morons from West Boro Church are worth including in the news (I think its obv,they want attention,and/or are clearly mentally handicapped by their religion) and because of this fact, That ass stomping would be reported LIVE becuase idiot fn news agencies would already be on-hand, to report more retarded West Boro nonsense.

                  They are the equivilant to MTV's Jack-Ass with "HEY LOOK AT ME WHAT IM DOING" . Their church is two steps from Heavens Gate type insanity IMO.
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                    Topeka Kansas.
                    Like most good loud-mouthed zealots, the members of the Westboro Cult want money and publicity. They do the most extreme and obnoxious actions to
                    1.) garner media attention and
                    2.) provoke a response that will allow them the basis for a lawsuit alleging suppression of their Constitutional rights.

                    The church has its own legal apparatus in the family, the Phelps Chartered law firm, which handles most of its lawsuits. If it prevails in a case charging the bigots’ civil rights had been violated, the firm even bills the US government for its attorney fees, as permitted by the Civil Rights Attorney’s Fees Award Act of 1976.
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                      They are complete fuckin morons. Someone need's to go put a bullet in their friday services they have at 8pm till midnight trying to figure out who to picket next. Dooche bags piss me off..