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Are Your Politicians For Sale? on Vimeo

Sorry I couldn't find a YouTube link to the video (Fuck You Vimeo)

but, pay attention to the video's basis audio background. Now, for some bitching;

1]The police doesn't wait til they get to your front door to check their weapon to be loaded (guy puts in clip,and slides one into the chamber).

2]If a SWAT team is outside your house ready to kick the door in, they don't roll a mere 5-6 deep. There is always a presence outside the home.

3]BRAINWASHING. As soon as the SWAT team enters the home, prepare to be brainwashed. Babys crying in the background. Sympathy for a crying baby? Really? These Anonymous turds and these god damned "Hey,everyones an idiot; lets brainwash/condition them for our agenda".

4]That shit made me rage-quit going TPB shopping this morning. Goodjob TPB, fn pukes.

Yea, fuck you and your agenda.