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    If you haven't played Shmack lately, it's very much an 'elitist' crowd there too. I like to think of myself as an awesome rune's player and I found myself having immense trouble versus Dee and RoyalAssassin, who both non-stop tossed insults and shit talk at each other about who was better and ETC ETC.

    I've played too much RuneQuake today but I keep going back HEH.
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    i notice that too. i generally avoid rq. although i have warmed up to it a bit.
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      Ya, Dee has gotten a lot better in the last couple of months, says he/she started using a kb... doh.


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        Originally posted by godsend1 View Post
        Ya, Dee has gotten a lot better in the last couple of months, says he/she started using a kb... doh.
        It helps to use one..


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          Originally posted by Mindf!3ldzX View Post
          ...I've played too much RuneQuake today but I keep going back HEH.
          Still hunting that "rune-use" win eh? You do know it'll drive you crazy hehe
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            Just starting to get back in to Quake... Mostly only have experience with the vanilla game, episode 1. I played Royal for a bit today, someone was saying he cheats, but wouldn't explain to me what the cheat is. (And by my asking he assumed I was defending Royal. But really I am just clueless about cheats.) I never tried any cheats because I am really big on having a simple, and fair game. I don't even care for heavy grappling-hook use, but I'll get used to it.

            At this point I would figured that servers would have implemented blocks for all cheating somehow, is this not the case still? I keep seeing people talk about a 'wall cheat' too, does this let people see through walls? I kinda remember something like that back in the 90s, but for water. Even that I hate, because I loved those moments in SlipGate where I'd run away, grab the bio-suit and hide in the slime. Little amusing moments like that were always part of the fun for me, especially against the sorts of foes that hate letting anyone escape.. some would jump in the slime anyway just to try and kill me.

            But if someone can see through everything, and their aim is bot-assisted, then it is just boring. Takes most of the fun out of it.. I guess the only fun that it brings is the challenge of trying to vs. someone who cheats while being legit yourself.. but unless you are -really- good (or just making most of your frags on others) then it likely will just be frustrating.


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              Husky no one cheats. Most cheats are obsolete..nor do they work on Windows7 etc...
              and runequake?? sadly its skewed to non strategy; but pillow fighting.
              so if u lik fighting powderpuffs...

              RQ is very well coded! but, the gameplay is akin to teletubbies.



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                According to Scoffer, I use the "two runes at once" hack on Runequake...