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  • Proposed new "sticky thread"

    Don't know where this will go but here goes...

    I'm a member of a camping forum or two and we have a "sticky thread" at such forums labeled "I'm camping here" or "I'll be here, where are you". I'm thinking it would be kind of cool to meet up with some of our fellow gamers, if not only for a few minutes... or to sit down for a meal and cold beverage or two... or nine, whatever blows your dress up! We've met some nice folks from around the country just walking up on them in a campground and saying "hey, you posted on "X" forum... is this you? We met a high school friend with a big ass fiver who's wife was a Realtor and wound up selling our house so we could move to the wonderful community of Telford Tennessee. Hadn't seen him in about 35 years.

    This might be a little "close" for some people but I'm all for meeting new people. I'm not wanting you to "tell people where you live" just the "vacation points you choose to meet someone".

    And I'll start...
    We will be in Greensboro NC this weekend for the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. Staying at the Drury Inn & Suites Hopefully drinking many beers!!
    Hope to see you there!! We saw them 10 years ago. Hope it's as cool as it ever was!!
    *I chose the road less traveled... Now I don't know where the hell I am*