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Reputation Points and how they are scaling.

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  • Reputation Points and how they are scaling.

    Look at my damned two green squares.... IIRC Baker only has two green squares. It takes too fucking long for what is at present, how many rep points ends up scaling to how many green squares.

    @Solecord I'm msg you and request either

    -permission to fix on own
    -nag you into doing it.

    Shit is ridiculous as hell , we've been around since 2006 and the amount of rep points should be closer to 25 or 50 points = 1 green square indicator.

    It's been annoying the piss out of me since I noticed how fn ANNOYING it was that everyone has topped out @ 2 green squares. Thats some fokn bulllllsheeeet if ya ask me.


    Go go gadget Community feedback please.
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    you know what's weird... guest votes don't give you points but can still increment your rep power. The last guest that repped me brought me to rep power 10 but my points didn't change. Then a member repped me and my points went up 10 to 182.
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      What's the point of rep points? I really want to know.


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        Does anyone actually care about rep points? We're not on Meetic.
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          Exactly. That's why I'm wondering.