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  • It's Been a While...

    ...So, is this it now? I've seen noticed no changes. I really miss the old look.
    I got the phone call at 4 a.m.

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    Please move on, there's nothing to see here...

    This site is still nearly dead. 5-10 people regurlarly posting.
    I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
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      Heeey, but there is a new server browser! Cause that's a priority. We don't need to worry about over a decade of broken links, retina destroying colors, a banner that looks like a 4 year old made it, numerous active features that aren't really active (blogs, articles), no space for recent news and a smattering of other things cause, there is a new server browser to cater to the 6 people that play multiplayer. I'm honestly not even sure it works cause the last couple times I checked it every server was empty. Don't worry though cause we were promised that all of this would be fixed months ago and even though I have never seen one single promise honored here I'm sure this time will be different.

      I offered to help fix this shit. Phenom offered to help fix this shit. I think someone else offered to help fix this shit. For some reason offering around 20 years of experience in web tech for free isn't good enough for quakeone. I could have BY MYSELF fixed all of this. My very first action would have been fixing the links and I wouldn't have stopped til every single link was fixed. At this point this site would have easily been back on the map. Better than ever. Oh but, god forbid that Gypsy be the guy that stops the whole fucking ship from sinking. Instead let's just let it fucking sink. GENIUS!

      You know the funny part? I found a post on the fucking VBulletin help forum that tells you how to fix the links. It might not be the exact right answer depending, but I guarantee you there is enough information in that post to concoct a solution. But, fuck a solution to the biggest problem. Let's build a server browser. My comment here is steeped in frustration and disappointment. I have spent 6+ years contributing here. There are numerous other people here with a similar situation. The lackadaisical attitude toward getting this site back in order is complete bullshit and just about everybody here should be really fucking mad. Nobody forced Solecord to take on this obligation but once he decided to take it on and ESPECIALLY since his users are the sole source of content, it became an obligation. He has all but abandoned his entire community. If this was the dark ages we would be at his house holding torches ready to lynch him and hang him in the town square. Does anybody here beside me get that? Are the users here so filled with estrogen mimicers from processed GMO foods that there is no one with enough balls to stand up and say "Fix this bullshit! Fuck your excuses! Fix it! And if you refuse then turn this shit over to someone who will! I didn't have any excuses when I dedicated all my efforts here! So, I don't want to hear yours. Fucking do something!"

      I have the balls. At whatever cost cause there is nothing to lose here anymore. We've already lost it all and it would be ignorant to think we will ever get it back. My only hope is that I can clone the most important shit here before the entire site falls off the face of the internet. Basically what I am saying is: whether it be this site or another one I am not going to let this ship sink. Mmmkay. This ship is NOT fucking sinking. I am not now nor have I ever been an "Oh well" person. "Oh well", inactive people piss me the fuck off. I do not fucking sleep so ALL of us can maintain our efforts. BELIEVE THAT! I dont care if you hate my fucking guts...I'm doing this for you too.
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        I'm in the process of converting a PHPBB3 board to another CMS for fun (I don't like PHPBB3's font). Like I've stated before I'd be more than happy and willing to help this board thrive where ever I am needed.

        There simply is nothing anyone can do here, Solecord makes all the final decisions (even though some people think I own

        If I were in charge first I'd drive down the cost of vBulletin and convert it to a free CMS (Drupal) and manually rebuild all the features by hand while still maintaining URL structure of the old site. Once all the necessary features and functionality are in place I'd immediately start working on getting the old look/feel back (This would be the easiest part). The old theme was very simple and straight forward and I don't understand why at least that hasn't been brought back? Everything feels very default with this bright theme and I don't like it.

        As a matter of fact the new theme along with the lack of care for this site has caused me to check in here less and less, sometimes weeks now... and ITS REALLY STARTING TO SUUUCK STEVE!

        Out of actual care for Quake & I'd be more than happy to help and or take ownership of the domain to pull a full 180 on the direction of this site. It's more than a forum and a server browser.

        I envisioned (at one point) having dedicated sections to Quake modders to display their work so folks could follow their work instead of just forums and many other ideas like this but it really seems like Solecord has decided the new move is the best for the site, unfortunately it's not only alienating a lot of people who helped this site become what it is, its also fading into obscurity due to a lack of real maintenance and upkeep.

        Solecord, let us help! Don't let become a basic bitch!

        Where'd my F'ing avatar go!? Where am !?


        I just realize my signature links to the Qrack 1.60 on Linux guide and it's broken, do you know how hard I worked on that!? I don't even use Linux!
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          Not only that, but spambots seem to have overrun the forums. Even Baker says reply to the spambots for fun if you want to. They shouldn't be there in the first place. It's like someone lazily "upgraded" to a new forum, copied the old content, and then said fuck it. It doesn't even look like a Quake forum. This forum looks like some 12 year old's half-baked fan site that was forgotten about after 2 days. Instead of the central hub and last bastion for all things Quake 1, as it was and should be, this place has mostly turned into a site where people, some of which are loosely connected to Quake 1 at best, come to post about things that have nothing to do with Quake 90% of the time.

          The second and third most recent threads in "Quake Central" are spambot posts. I don't think anyone goes there hoping to find somebody to write their essay for them. Search quake 1 on google, you won't see this place until you get to the third result on page 2. Doomworld comes up first, and that's not even Quake, that's Doom. That shouldn't happen.


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            I can finally reply. For the last months, the site would be down, or not let me reply for some reason. But, I agree with MadGypsy. Sole should give someone the ability to make changes to the site. At least, to turn the background brown!


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              Well, that are strong words MadGypsy.

              I thought I found the relicks of the old QuakeOne on your website NextGenQuake.
              It looks really good, and I took some time to register myself.
              Now I'm waiting for two weeks and I don't get approval to do anything.
              For info it fits, but for usefull information to let's say Latchford I'm still blocked.

              I see you have a hard job struggling with the disapointment for lack of intrest.
              But hey man! There are still people that care for some good old Quake.
              It is not only your site that catches hard rain, InsideQc has the same fall off,
              AIcafe vanished, Quake Terminus is a frozen island.

              There is no way to catch your attenton, no email, private messages don't get recalled.
              WorldPress Theme gives a
              I don't blame you for anything, just give me access to NextGenQuake,



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                I replied to your pm to me many days ago. I didn't approve you because NGQ is cancelled. It will officially expire on Nov 12 but, I am probably going to shut it down from the front end much sooner.

                Honestly, I don't understand how you were able to register in the first place. I pointed my registration form to quakeone easily a week before you registered.

                @lack of community interest

                It's not only that. My interests in life have nothing to do with quake. I'm currently programming ARM microcontrollers and all peripherals from the ground up (no libraries except mandatory c library and microcontroller boot library). It's far more rewarding and has far greater potential for doing something that is actually useful.

                I've always wanted to build a device of my own but, I never knew where to even begin. In these days of Arduino's and Raspberry Pi's the information is abundant. However, I am not using any premade SBC. My project is being built up from the microcontroller on handmade PCB's. 149 tutorials later I am hella confident in what I am doing. I could probably even stop watching tutorials at this point. I can read data sheets with understanding and translate the data to errorless C. There is no reason why I can't figure out everything on my own. I kind of like watching how people approach things differently, though.


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                  Changes are coming...


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