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    Hello Mr.Burns, is now spam free again.
    And that is all I can say (check your links from above).

    Of course spammers will come again. And we will remove them again.
    That happens to all websites. Even to func_ and other much bigger forums, etc. We all know it. We all have seen it.

    The difference from today compared to 1 week ago here at is:
    We now have a moderator who cares and takes the time to remove spam posts from the forum.
    Just like we did it 2 years ago. We had many moderators who took care of this site and as soon as a spam was detected, it got deleted.
    There is hardly a prevention because spamers are not only non-humans. There are also real humans who sometimes even implement words to match the threads topic in their posts.
    You will not believe it what jobless people with lots of time are capable to do nowadays. They earn money that way...

    But that is not the subject here. Spam posts are in almsot every forum.
    It just needs moderators who quickly takes care of it. Just like 2 days ago at func_ . There have been 3 spam posts, but within a short amount of time the mods there deleted them.
    Just like it will be done from now on here at
    The plan is to check every 24 hours.

    By the way, I remember the slogan here at quakeone some years ago. And I think you are old enough to also know that cartoon series:

    By the power of Solecord

    You maybe remember when those special/unforgettable quakeone users posted screenshots like this. It feels like yesterday... man i am old.

    Together we will manage it...

    Most important is, users do not get distracted by tons of spam anymore. Which still was the case some days ago.
    Hopefully this will not happen again.

    Special Thanks to Mindf!3ldzX for the magical sword Grayskull who made this all possible.
    Any other spam protection code-wise is impossible due to Steves absence.

    Have a nice time,