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  • Site barely functions

    It's taken me a half hour to get to this point. The site freezes for a minute everywhere and usually gives 502 errors via Cloudflare, and has been for months, which is why I've hardly posted. I see a few others are posting unhindered, so I'm wondering what browser you use. I'm using an old android port of Opera to post this.

    I've found that does not work at all for me whereas does. Unfortunately, most links and scripts reference the former. I can navigate by copying links and adding the "www." and hoping I don't get 502'd when it finally stops freezing... but not everything provides a link to copy. I even added a rule in my hosts file to make "" resolve to the same IP as, but that doesn't seem to be the main issue.

    Let me know if you have any ideas.

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    I have all the same problems from time to time. I never bothered to even consider that any of the problems had something to do with me cause the entire internet (except this site) works great for me.

    The bottom line is that everything around here is poor and half-assed. Somewhere between the last site and this "upgrade" a Cremation Of Care ceremony was performed and the only people that give a fuck is everybody except sole.


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      Hi Zop
      In case it helps, at the moment I tend to use Firefox (with ad blocker, etc installed) to access the QuakeOne.,com URL from the UK and although I get the cloudfare message as well its only very occassionally regardless of the PC or O/S used. That said, my experience of using the new site functionality tends to mirror the experiences touched on in the previous posts. Posting anything other than the most basic text message can be quite a slow "hit and miss" affair on the new site whereas it used to be pretty fast and trouble free on the previous version

      Kind regards
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        I have been able to use the site for the last two days. I wonder if something was fixed, permanently.


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          Everything works fine for me. Great site by the way