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  • Stupid suggestion

    So... like why are the old clans and/or present clans websites not linked in the links segment of this site?

    ...just think it'd be useful.

    That is all.

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    Perhaps a "recommended" clan site section might not necessarily be a bad thing. Are there any in particular that you would recommend Ler? One problem is a lot of them are slowly disappearing as the webmasters and main contributors drift away from Quake and gain other interests. I seem to recall Megazoid hosting mirrors of some key sites for posterity (excellent idea Mega) but with the best will in the world some will still fall by the wayside.

    Speaking of which, if anybody has a copy of either the [DC] site demo (those that visited the site will know what I'm talking about), or the [Bum] clan site (looks across expectantly at [the dark one..] Sir Henry ) then please let me know.

    I seem to recall in the dim and distant past someone (possibly Spooker_tu) suggesting on another thread that hosts some of the sites within the domain. Again it would provide a single place to all things Quake but this could involve an awful lot of work for the mighty Sole who probably has enough on his plate already

    Kind regards

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      Its too bad it couldn't be a post it kind've part of the site, and if you wanted fancy so ppl didn't abuse it check with the web resolver site, i forget the addy, it like gives u all the server info and registry info of the server that the website uses.

      Well, i think some of the classic clan sites that still exist. Clan HDZ, tho all them did leave quake1 practically all them anyways, however their site still should be up for historal purposes plus there are still some files, like ctf and other stuff in the downloads section of the site.

      I'd also recommend my clan, as i'm trying to start one up these days... based off, mindz idea.

      Which i can see, technically working. If there are enough tags, tossed around and people that actually take it seriously, and we get organized by having people email their work schedule/quake time schedules, than games can be setup again.

      But, again, that was just an idea.

      If its too much work, to add a seperate page, which it probably is then fuck it.


      Incase it wasn't too much work Clan LP (Levatation Prozak): Levatation Prozak <-- my clan link for the page if one is possible. (i created a new 3wave pak file that combines all the locs and everything together, that just needs renaming and upped it to fileplanet its on my downloads page on the site.)

      Welcome to Clan HDz <-- clan hdz.

      Clan Rum Home <--- clan rum (also has some files such as ctf etc, in game servers page).


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        Well wasnt that what CLANRING was all about?

        Twenty Minutes Later: The History of ClanRing ||