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  • forum running slow?

    is it just me or does this website seem to run very slow.

    every time i change pages it takes about 5 seconds to load. the statusbar has alot of action from various websites (googlesyndication, google-analytics, quantserv, rubiconproject, realmedia,...) are they ads? its slow even when im just hitting the back button. On the other hand for example is normal, taking maybe 1 second to load each page.

    i have a HOSTS file from Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File
    its suppose to block ads by looping them back to my localhost.

    any idea if its on my end / how to fix it?

    running firefox 3.6
    tested on IE8 and it's about 3 sec to load. still slow drawing the whole forum layout. but still only 1sec on
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's your hosts file. Since you force all of the entries in your hosts file to resolve to your local machine, assuming your local machine does not accept requests, the browser tries to wait for each to propogate. That's your delay. Since you say it draws the forum layout and is slow even when you hit back... your browser can't cache the files being called from various other sites which you block via your hosts file. Every page load will attempt to download the requested files again.

    I have no speed issues on the site at home or from work.


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      the only issue i really have is when i have to load something from "gamer.dna" or what ever it is, sometimes it dosen't come through and I'm left in white-space, but hitting f5 usually does the trick. i don't think you can do much about it because i have a suspicion that its an ad company google does.


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        thanks. it is my hosts file from that website slowing things down. i reverted to my default hosts file and now its quick again. funny how it was designed specifically to speed things up and actually makes things much worse...
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