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  • Deleting a thread?

    I really, don't want to post another post since i have like four posts up at the moment.

    However, i would like to remove this: post, and there doesn't appear to be the option available.

    I tried searching the forums for "Delete" and had no luck, even tried search "remove threads" nothing. it too much to ask/request, the "delete/remove thread" that you created be re-instated so as not to bug, the most commonly (logged into administrator with dumb requests of "please remove this thread."?

    I mean sure, in a perfect world, we'd not be so rash and dumb for creating a pointless thread to begin with but, fuck, people make mistakes.

    The reason i want the above thread removed is its un-relavent, also is it not possible to edit a "threads" name?

    As it doesn't appear to be so, as the thread that is relavent and shows my resolution to my issues of running proquake on linux, is here:

    However due to the fact, at the original time i created that THread i named it stupidly proquake / darkplaces, so in the (recent postings) part of the site, ppl only see "proquake / darkplaces" though it did say linux after darkplaces, however i'd like to change that thread title to "Proquake (linux)" as it is, fairly close to being a complete guide, and i will be updating, it further and possibly re-organizing it more concisely afterwards.

    However, i think it'd be a handy feature for this website to have if we could remove our own threads.

    Sorry for rambling.

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    On most forums you can only delete posts, not threads (here on you do this by clicking edit first, then there is a delete option).

    On some forums you can only delete a post as long as it is the last post in the thread (i.e., nobody posted afterwards).
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