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QuakeOne DNS Issues Due To GoDaddy

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  • QuakeOne DNS Issues Due To GoDaddy

    QuakeOne DNS Down Due To GoDaddy Attack

    Attention everyone: GoDaddy is currently being attacked by Anonymous which is causing widespread outages across the internet. Unfortunately, the QuakeOne DNS is being hosted with GoDaddy so some people may have trouble accessing both the site and any game server using a QuakeOne address. At this time there's nothing that we can do aside from waiting out the attack and hoping GoDaddy is able to fully contain it. Until then, if you're able to view the site and/or game servers via DNS but know others who cannot, please let them know this is the reason for the outage.

    For more information on this attack, please visit
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    Either that or Solecord messed up the server again.

    ... And then went camping or went to a Milwaukee cheese and beer festival or whatever people in Wisconsin do. And thought of a great cover story where these "mysterious people" who "aren't me" are "really the ones to blame".

    And it worked! Because if you read it on the internet so it has to be true. - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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      LOL @ Baker

      GoDaddy was back up in the evening yesterday. Further information hasn't been released yet and no one fully knows if it was an attack or a software failure on GoDaddy's part.


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        The media surely went into the crossfire on this one. They were SOOO 149542%%% positive that Anonymous was behind these attacks. I think GoDaddy had software malfunction and so they did not have to explain anything to their customer's about the glitch they used Anonymous as a cover up. HEY SHIT HAPPENS!


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          nope, they didn't get hacked/attacked, they're just incompetent, apparently.
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            GoDaddy outage was caused by router snafu, not DDoS attack | Ars Technica


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              Anonymous did not claim to shut down GoDaddy. A lone hacker names AnonymousOwn3r claimed to have shut down GoDaddy and regardless of what GoDaddy has released as the reason, there is no proof that AnonymousOwn3r did not shut them down.

              Of course it would not be in GoDaddy's best interest to release that some lone hacker pwned the majority of their servers.

              Here is the guys twitter feed @AnonymousOwn3r. Whereas, he claims to be the security leader of Anonymous - Anonymous as a group has not released any YouTube video explaining that they planned to do this (like they always do).

              So (options):

              a) This guy is full of shit and has done nothing and doesn't work for Anonymous
              b) This guy is semi full of shit - really did hack but is not an Anonymous member
              c) Anonymous has entirely changed their M.O. and is no longer boasting before an attack

              This just goes to show how piss poor the media is. You can put up any graphic as an avatar, claim shit and all of a sudden the media reports it as truth without any investigation.

              Imma go hack with an avatar of Barack Obama and the username Barack Obama. When you see them hauling B.O. to prison you can thank me for my ingenious manipulation of the media.

              @FBI agents reading this with no sense of humor - I don't know shit about hacking.
              @Everyone else - I have no intention of disappearing or committing suicide.
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                this hacker sounds more like a....wait for it......poseier
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