June 16 2018 - High resolution texture pack available. Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2 | Screenshot 3 | Read More ...
May 10 2018 - Windows 10 users may need DirectX 9 Drivers. Click here to get them!
May 8 2018 - Mark V 1.99 Stable - Mouse driven menu. Xbox controller support. Many enhancements. - See post #2092
January 19 2017 - Mark V 1.35 Stable - very fast DirectX 9 build via MH, Linux build, r_shadows 3 for volumetric shadows, New Effects - See post #1148.
Menu Mirrors Support Video Windows EZ Installer Windows Open GL/WinQuake Zip Linux Zip Mac Version Thread @ Func_Msgboard
Triple speed screenshot showing Mark V with MH's DirectX Wrapper. Triple speed screenshot!

Files: Colored lights and transparent water files (download | more ...) | Frogbots, the best bots - 120+ map support (download | maps)
Nehahra correct fmod.dll (download) | Current source code (download | all builds ..) | XVid Codec for "capturedemo" to video (download)
The Undergate - Interactive 104 Map Gateway (screenshot) (download)

Content sites: Quaddicted | Func_Msgboard | Quake Retexturing Project | Recent Texture Sets

Thanks to the beta testers: NightFright, fifth, spy, gunter, pulsar, johnny law, dwere, qmaster, mfx, icaro, kinn, adib, onetruepurple, railmccoy.
And thanks for the feedback from version 1 to version 2 provided by dumptruck_ds, killpixel, pritchard, bloughsburg, dutch, admer456, c0burn,
damage_inc, iriyap, milkey wilkey, hipnotic_rogue, brassbite, ijazz, parubaru, dabblingsquidward, topher, cadaver747, epiplon, tribal, spara,
kingold, kreathor, dzerk, mjb, jayoo, sakamoto, akira, 0path0gen, boristhesp1der, emvee, hmd.brandao, alexandre, terminal, mafgar,
lisa.menzel, johhhny`, esrael, dosse91, redfield.

Thanks to engine devs who actively advised: Spike (*), mh (*), ericw, metlslime. And to Quakespasm for fixes borrowed from their engine.

Spike added BSP2 to Mark V (Quakespasm acquired that). Spike also solved a stencil buffer issue
only experienced with certain video cards and therefore hard to reproduce. Spike added enhanced networking
to a modified Quakespasm patch (Mark V acquired that). MH wrote the Direct3D wrapper Mark V uses and essentially the
alpha masked texture support in both Mark V and Quakespasm, authored the BSP2 format and wrote many software
renderer tutorials (interpolation, removing the MGL libary requirement, others) the WinQuake version uses.

Thanks to mankrip and qbism for their creative software-renderer endeavours. Mac version based off Fruitz of Dojo.

November 18, 2016