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    osjclatchford posted a Visitor Message for NightFright
    Hi NF, perhaps you can help on this.

    WTF is wrong with this piss-poor shitty forum.
    I posted a request for help on a new WIP thread and for two days now, I cant edit or even view it unless I'm logged in.
    I made an edit to correct spelling and It decided it was spam and I cant do anything with it now.
    I dont think anyone can even respond on it and TBH I dont know if anyone can even see it.

    do let me know if you can see/read it even...

    its no wonder noone except us same old-few come here and contribute. the fucking place is janked...

    *edit* in fact so jank I had to contact you through the amq thread as It wouldnt let me do it any other way... its totally had it...

  • omicron
    Antispam is off now. Let me know if it tags you again

  • omicron
    I think there's a rate limiting feature where if you do something too often it gets put in a moderation queue. It's a new feature and wasn't there in the old forum software and I'm having trouble finding where it is to turn it off. The guy who gets it the most "ezwa" seems to make repeat posts and edits one after another and gets rate limited for it.

  • NightFright
    Hi pal!

    This happened to me recently as well here. I edited a post a bit too often and it was flagged as spam. With no moderator around to look at such messages, ultimately I just deleted it and posted it again (with some changes since it would otherwise get flagged again).

    In general moderation is really poor in this forum and if anything happens to you, don't expect fast help. Hell, I don't even know who is in charge of this. Not that it matters, obviously.

    Really a shame there's no decent Quake forum around these days. Func is also a gathering place for a-holes. Even mh is full of shit now, it seems. After I asked a few questions too many about Quake Enhanced, he accused me of asking "silly" questions. After that, I was done with that thread.

    The attitude of some people in this community is so hostile, arrogant and "anti-help" that I am not surprised it's kept alive by just a few individuals who work with their elbows extended. A shame, much more could be accomplished if newcomers and inexperienced modders received better support. I learn a lot more from someone showing me how it's actually done than from a "yeah, it could work like blabla, but just code it yourself". Because of that, I never managed to complete my HUD mod with a powerup timer. Sigh...

    Best wishes!
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