Special thanks go to [Kona], nightbringer/nb, XeNoN/xen and Edgecrusher/Leviathan/Ionous for adding impetus in the first instance. Each, in their distinctive way and time, kept the Quake flame burning.

Pax amici!

Travail Team

Paul (distrans) Brosche

Jack (scragbait) Meacher


Bengt (aguirRe) Jardrup

Andrew (Preach) Denner

...and by no means least


Those who answered the call in times of need

Johannes (Spirit) Kröger

Jean-Philippe (JPL) Lambert

Mike (biff debris) Phillips

Dmitry (Vondur) Svetlichny

Baker, Phenom, Para and of course... Bizarrosouless!

Yellow_No.5, Rook, blitz, pope, inertia, scampie, Trinca, bambuz

Kell & RPG


Those who provided resources

They Also Inspired - but are as yet unmentioned

ELEK, aardappel, CZG, Ogro, mindcrime, pjw, Gilt, Fat Controller, vigil, Electro, fingers, Bal, peej, DaMaul, Rorshach, Fern, Tronyn, tron, than, DaZ, Dranz, Mr Fribbles, Ace_Dave, LTH, Quernel, shambler, Glassman, Hrimfaxi, Kinn, UWF, MadFox, Trinca... y va tan.