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Quakespam : weapon at right

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  • Quakespam : weapon at right

    hello fraggers,
    how i can push the weapon at right or left ?
    specific c_Var ? a mod ?


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    Quakespasm can't but a similar engine named Mark V has a console command r_viewmodeloffset to offset the gun.

    Like you can type r_viewmodeloffset 10 in the console and the gun will be shifted right.

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      i know seven's Small mod compilation allows moving the hud-weapons to any position you want

      however thats a darkplaces-only mod as it uses a lot of DP-specific commands in its QC
      are you curious about what all there is out there in terms of HD content for quake?
      > then make sure to check out my 'definitive' HD replacement content thread! <
      everything that is out there for quake and both mission-packs, compiled into one massive thread


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        In Qrack its cl_gun_offset 1 = Left-Handed, 2 = Right-Handed... ||


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          fisrt , thanx for the answers.

          with Mark5, I get 'unknow command' when i type r_viewmodeloffset 10

          works fine with Qrack.

          I could suggest to the coder of Quakespasm to add a specific c_var for this : )

          edit : works fine with r_viewmodel_offset 10 with Mark5
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            moving weapons via engine cvar to the right side but still spawn projectiles from the center is a little weird, no ?
            Quake engines already ignore the spawn origin of LGs lighting bolt (they override/ignore the mod !). So why not change the projectiles origin together with the weapon model with the engine cvar to make it not look "broken" ? There is no mod needed.

            daeel, if you want to have right handed weapons for Quakespam, you can use this .pak and you are ready to go. Works with vanilla and is mod independent as well. Please find the link at the bottom of this post.

            If you want to also have your projectiles spawn origin match the right handed weapons mouth in Quakespasm, you can use this mod:
            It works with vanilla Quake: click me for Download and screenshots.
            You only have to put all files into a .pak file. That is all.

            Have fun playing Quake 1 in Quake 2 style

            Best wishes,
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              hi Seven, thank you so much. I just put pak.02 in ID folder and works fine with Quakespasm. Quake 1 rulez ! joking aside , being a Amiga user, Quake always blow me. The atmosphere of this game is just perfect.
              Call of cthulhu + nervous gameplay + NIN dark ambient : Yes. (both original maps and the maps from talented guys )


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                Sorry to bump an old topic, but does anyone have the right-handed weapons and projectile fix of Seven's post that work with Quakespasm? Both links are now dead.


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                  I'm a firm believer that Seven's work should be supported so I'll try and help
                  I could be wrong but I suspect this may be due to the site update 1-2 years ago that unfortunately "broke" a massive number of links to threads in it's own forum. I think his original thread was moved to and the download link was

                  Hope this helps
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                    Thank you. Do you know if this was ever done with the mission pack weapons as well?


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                      Hi DeuxSonic
                      I'm sorry but no I don't. Seven is a great believer in detailed readme's so you might find the answer in the download (if there is one). Failing that maybe just try it and see if it works?
                      I know he doesn't come here as often as he once did but perhaps if you pop a friendly PM Seven's way he might be able to help you.

                      Kind regards
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                        Hello deuxsonic,

                        Yes, I also made it for the mission packs.
                        Will upload it when I get back to my computer tomorrow.

                        Thank you Mr.Burns for your help and support in helping an old man.
                        Hopefully the weather came back to normal in your hometown.
                        I can at least wear my underwear and cover most parts of my body with some cloth in that room now
                        ... working on something new for Quake at the moment. We will see if it sees the light of day.
                        It was a heart desire from myself for many years. Now it seems to become true. Keep our fingers crossed.

                        Best wishes,


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                          Hi Seven,
                          @Temperature - lol Yes it's been so hot I was considering getting a Mankini
                          (jk) hopefully things are getting back to normal

                          @"...helping an old man..." - yes, us old Quake guys have to stick together and help each other out where we can... and besides I really believe SMC and all your work should be supported by the community so I was just doing my bit.

                          @"...something new...." That's really good news and you've got my interest piqued. Can I humbly suggest that you make sure you put it on (if not I can do it if that will help?) as a number of members have migrated over to there due to spam, bots, etc and it would be a shame for them to miss out.

                          Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help

                          Kind regards

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                          WWW: NextGenQuake | Quake Terminus | EuroQuake, You Tube: QuakeVoid
                          Servers: ports 26000-6 &amp; 10 |


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                            Hello deuxsonic,

                            The download in the mod thread has been updated.
                            Have fun.

                            Hello Mr.Burns,

                            That is a nice mankini there
                            Fortunately the weather is slowly getting normal here as well.

                            Having additional places and forums on the internet to speak about Quake is always good.
                            Just be careful to not have multiple places with the same content. That could be irritating.
                            The informations and files, that can be found at forum is incomparable with any other place i am aware of.
                            It took us years to gather them and write them down, as you know. You are a part of it
                            The reason why people keep away is surely not a spam bot here or there. It is the lack of interest about those bling bling stuff.
                            Things have changed and people now prefer the original look and feel of Quake and they love Quakespasm. No more DarkPlaces.
                            (Even though they request more and more DarkPlaces stuff in Quakespasm, lol)

                            Most members of over the last years have been focused on replacements n stuff and gameplay modding.
                            It was never a mappers place/home. It was more or less a modders place.
                            Today, the only active Quake forum is over at func_msgboard.
                            It is the decade of mappers and people who help new mappers with tutorials and jams and fun. That is great !
                            That was never part of and therefore noone is coming here anymore.

                            Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. And where the winds of change will take the Quake community then...
                            Maybe back here... Who knows.

                            All the best for you my friend.