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nail-position fix for quake and mission-packs

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    Its not working for me.I`m putting progs.dat in ID1 folder,and sadly nailgun is the same. Using Quakespasm 0.93


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      I don't know if this applies to Quakespasm but you maybe have a -nohome problem. Some engines clone your whole damn game and everything and stick it in your system's game folder. This means the id folder you think you are using is not the one you are really using. There are a number of ways to treat this.

      1) Aggressive approach: delete the entire game folder from your system. If you never use this folder then deleting it shouldn't matter to you. I know of no quake engine that will create a system game directory. It's more of an "if it exists we are going to do this stupid fucking thing to you without warning or notifying you in any way" kind of thing.

      2) Technical approach: start your game on a command line or with a bat and include -nohome in the command chain. EVERY TIME.

      Ex: myEngine.exe -nohome

      3) Deal with it approach: locate the id directory in your system game folder and dump the progs in that location.

      I can't say for sure if this is your problem but, if it is, any one of these 3 ways will fix it. I lost an entire day once trying to figure out why none of my QC mods were doing anything. When I realized darkplaces did this stupid -nohome shit to me without giving me any notification I never used it again. I don't know who came up with this -nohome shit but, there are only 2 ways to look at it. It is either completely stupid or incomplete. If there is some good reason why the engine and game should be in the game folder then there is just as good of a reason why I should be notified it was put there.
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        Thx for the effort MadGypsy but none of the 3 sollutions worked...but i found a way to fix this! I created a pak file with progs.dat inside.And i named it "pak2.pak".It worked!
        So protip when you use Quakespasm:use pak creator like pakscape and you are good to go!


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          Nvm fixed it
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            Sorry to raise this from the dead, but I'm having problems using this with Darkplaces and various weapon packs. In the first place, I'm using weapon packs to get around the godawful bouncing muzzleflash on the nailgun. By default, the nails will originate from above and beind the barrels. When I use this fix, they originate beneath the barrels, muzzleflash included. Any ideas?
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              Hi huanlopan,

              This QC fix only takes care of the eject position of the nails. Not the muzzleflash.
              If you want to get rid of the muzzleflash, you have to open the weapon model (for example in QME) and delete the muzzleflash model part.
              Then save it and you are done.

              Hope this helps.
              Have fun,