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Flying Heads Quake Arena (FHQA) mod

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  • Flying Heads Quake Arena (FHQA) mod

    Flying Heads Quake Arena (FHQA)

    Hi all,

    I think it was about time I shared a bit of the mod I'm working on
    (especially considering the times of decadence QuakeOne seems to be facing). First time Quake modder here, although passionate programmer and web designer so be kind. Of course, every piece of constructive criticism is not only welcome but encouraged!

    FHQA is a Quake mod where you're pit against endless waves of Quake monsters whose 3D models and animations have been tweaked to consist of only flying heads that kill you as soon as they touch you. When you die, you see your score on screen. Heavily inspired by Devil Daggers.

    • Sword
    • Spear
    • Semi-auto flintlock gun (so not really a flintlock gun I guess, but it looks like one)
    • TNT

    ENEMIES (so far):
    • Flying rottweiler head (dies with one hit)
    • Flying scrag head (hovers close and spits Scrag projectiles at you, two is enough to kill you, dies with one hit)
    • Flying zombie head (dies with two hits, moves slower)

    • Spear knocks enemies back
    • Every 3 melee kills (spear/sword) you get +1 flintlock ammo
    • Every 10 flintlock kills you get +1 TNT ammo
    • TNT doesn't damage player


    It would be pretty nice if there was a way to make a GET/POST request to a external server to load/send score results but I guess this is not possible with QuakeC (at least not with my current knowledge of the framework).

    I work on this during my spare time when I'm not learning for University or creating websites to be able to eat but I will try to update this page with updates as soon as there's any.

    I'll be happy to read any feedback and also thanks to whole QuakeOne community for the invaluable help I've been getting since I signed up here.


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    Completely crazy stuff! i like that. Somewhere i know that TNT model from :-) I like the spear too. I download it and play it as soon as i'm out of bed again. Got manflu. i'm near death. (pathetic sigh)

    Edit: Damn, brain malfunctioning. There's no download. This is WIP. I go to bed again
    1.: I like the arenas dark and moldy look, the bone bottom is great. Reminds me of the game Blood.
    2.: The weapons look nice. I remember when we spoke about the TNT and your wip posts of the sword.
    3.: Looking forward to this. Fighting floating heads... what a cool crazy idea!
    4.: The weapon-upgrade & ammo system is nice for arena-based fights, restrains the ammo for powerful weapons and at the same time it rewards the player.
    5.: Your weapons have a unique style, i like that. Not too polished and with corners and edges, which causes a retro-feeling at places i don't want to speak about right now.
    6.: Floating Quad damage runes, that the player has to hunt and catch to use them... bah, what am i talking, don't mind me, it's your mod!

    Are you going to add more heads from other monsters? There's a demo playing in my head that pits a player against floating Shambler and Ogre heads, self-teleporting skills for better movement, a head grabbing ability and whatnot. probably the damn temperature. Anyway, i'm following this thread and like what you have so far. The models too. Maybe a hammer for the flintlock. Ok, i'm out again. Read you tomorrow!

    Greetings :-)
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      Thanks TKJ! I can make a Quad rune appear whenever you make some xN kills combo in less than N seconds. That would be cool. But first it needs to be playable cause right now it's just a weird mash-up of different behaviors happening all at once without too much sense!

      Hahah, my weapons have not-sure-what-I'm-doing-on-Blender style or I-don't-like-texturing style

      And yeah about the other heads. I'm mostly taking the scrag AI, replacing the model and tweaking its AI, but I intend on adding at least 5 or 6 total heads.


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        Ha! This looks insane! I'm looking forward to see more of what you're going to do with it. If you didn't do so already, you should get some beta footage up on youtube!


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          Whoa, the quad rune was just a thought i had, i won't talk into your mod! And call it bad taste or not, i like the models. 5-6 Heads seems good, i hope you get it done :-)
          I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
          My little gore mod :


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            Here's 27 heads. I already had them collected because they act as some of the meats in my model viewer



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              Glad you like it! I wish I could call it beta but so far it is still quite alpha-ish. I will definitely fill youtube with more digital waste once it all starts making sense gameplay-wise, so far I just put random gifs of the progress on my tumblr

              TheKillingJoke A good idea is still a good idea. I think Quads appearing every once in a while (maybe when there's a high peak of enemies or after a combo) could enhance the gameplay and make it more varied! It also gives the player a 'deeper' purpose other than just getting a higher score.

              MadGypsy Thanks a lot! This will definitely save me some Blender surgery.
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