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    RocketGuy wrote:

    it is better than fileplanet
    Course it is! Fileplanet is the suckest thing ever! They make you download that stupid download manager in order to download anything there.

    Also, you have to register and lose like 5-10 minutes in line, while the premiums get all the cool stuff.

    Filefront is 9.999.999x better than that fucking File Planet!


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      Originally posted by Phenom View Post !!!

      Then I could have a space to upload all my funny Myspace pictures!

      I really don't see the problem with Its a subdomain, big deal, but you're talking about it as if Bank took over and pic his face up on the logo. This is kind of what subdomains are for. I've ran afew domains in the past and known ALOT of people who had domains they ran.. subdomains are like candy at halloween. Get off Bank about what he does with what he was given, don't be jealous because he asked for and you didn't ask for

      Mindz u still my ***** but you're buggn! chill and sip a 40oz dood!

      And to Net-Tyme, well I don't even really know you but I'd love to kill you in quake sometime
      Well crap you got that all wrong. I was just pushing his buttons. Free is Free and Q1 is Q1. Could care less about who has what.

      I play under the name of P.I.T.A OR VINTAGE so you probably have already... Killing me lately is very easy in Quake. I am NOT a challenge. There are a few that can get me motivated to even attempt to try.. You can tell who they are when I finally get to Yell .. UNO !!!!
      Lifes a game.. It's time to Play! Pick your Poison.


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        Death Knight - Shub Hub perhaps? if the broadcasts are relevant to Quake then i figure Spirit would be fine with it.
        Inside3d - Because you can't be Outside 3D!