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Listed below are all known active Quake 1 servers. If you know of a server that is not listed here, let us know about it by posting a message in the Forums.

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Active Dev Servers

Server DNS Server Name Mod Players Map
newdm.servequake.com:26010 NewDM(EU) NewDM 00/00  
newdmny.servequake.com:26010 NewDM(USA) NewDM 00/00  

Standard Servers

Server DNS Server Name Mod Players Map
quake.shmack.net  Shmack Rune Quake Rune Quake 01/16 dm6
quake.shmack.net:26001 RQ Rocket Arena Rocket Arena 00/08 marena4
quake.nctech.ca  Nctech Spaceball1 Capture The Flag 00/16 e2m1
quake.shmack.net:26002  Shmack Practice Mode Deathmatch 00/16 dm6
quake.crmod.com:26010  Quake CRMOD Deathmatch 00/16 dm3
fvf.servequake.com:26003 RQuake Team Cooperative RQuake Team Coop 00/00  
ihoc.clan-rum.org  RuM IHOC IHOC 00/16 e1m1
damage.servequake.com:26001 Damage_UK Coop RQuake Team Coop 00/00  
fvf.servequake.com Future Vs. Fantasy Future Vs. Fantasy 00/00  
rage.quakeone.com:26003 Rage RQuake RQuake Team Coop 00/16 intro
rum.quakeone.com RuM Clan Arena Clan Arena 00/16 dm3
rage.quakeone.com Rage Clan Arena Clan Arena 00/16 e1m7
ra.clanhdz.com Rocket Arena HDZ Rocket Arena 00/10 23ar-a
xmd2.quake1.net  XMD2 IHOC IHOC 00/16 uzul
warfield.quakeone.com  WarField CAx Clan Arena 00/00  
speaknow.quakeone.com Speaknow CAx Clan Arena 00/00  
quake.thisserversucks.com:26005  Earthquake CAx Clan Arena 00/16 endif
quake.thisserversucks.com:26007  Earthquake RQ RuneQuake 00/00  
quake.thisserversucks.com:26006  Earthquake CAx Clan Arena 00/00  
quake.thisserversucks.com:26001  Earthquake CTF Capture The Flag 00/00  
quake.thisserversucks.com:26003  Earthquake Coop RQuake Team Coop 00/16 intro
quake.thisserversucks.com:26008  Earthquake FvF Future Vs Fantasy 00/00  
quake.trinicom.com  Trinicom Pub CTF Capture The Flag 00/16 e2m2
tx.q1dm.com:26001  tx_q1dm1 Deathmatch 00/00  
tx.q1dm.com  tx_q1dm Deathmatch 00/00  
satan.chickenkiller.com:26001  OSNP_AUS CRMOD Deathmatch 00/00  
satan.chickenkiller.com  OSNP_AUS RQ Rune Quake 00/00  
r0t.uk  r0t_Deathmatch Deathmatch 00/08 uzul
satan.chickenkiller.com:26002  OSNP_AUS RQPlus Rune Quake plus 00/00  
cr.datamanufactory.com:26001  CRMOD 26001 DM Deathmatch 00/16 dm3
tx.q1dm.com:26003  tx_q1dm3 Deathmatch 00/00  
tx.q1dm.com:26002  tx_q1dm2 Deathmatch 00/00  
pubctf.datamanufactory.com  PUBCTF Capture The Flag 00/16 dm4
old-server.com  old-server.com DM 00/00  
teams.quakeone.com  Teams Deathmatch Teams Stat Play 00/00  
dmtx.quakeone.com:26001  Texas CRMOD Deathmatch 00/00  
dmtx.quakeone.com  Texas CRMOD Deathmatch 00/00  
chi.pwnz.org  Chicago DM Deathmatch 00/00  
nqo.mooo.com:26001  NQO CRCTF Capture The Flag 00/00  
chi.pwnz.org:26002  Chicago CRCTF Capture The Flag 00/00  
west.rocketkill.com  [email protected] Deathmatch 00/00  
crctf.quakechi.com  Quakechi Capture The Flag 00/00  
nqo.mooo.com  NQO DM Deathmatch 00/00  
quake.toked.us  Toked CRMOD CRMOD 00/00  
newyork.quakeone.com:26004 NewYork CAx Clan Arena 00/12 dm3
newyork.quakeone.com:26005  NewYork CRCTF Capture The Flag 00/16 ctf1
newyork.quakeone.com:26003  NewYork Painkeep Painkeep 00/08 pk11
newyork.quakeone.com:26009  NewYork Random Random Mods 00/08 e1m8
newyork.quakeone.com:26006  NewYork CRMOD Deathmatch 00/16 omdm1
ffany.quakeone.com FFANY RQ 00/00  
newyork.quakeone.com:26002  NewYork DMP Death match plus 00/08 start
newyork.quakeone.com:26001 NewYork Coop RQuake Team Coop 00/00  
damage.servequake.com Damage_UK Rune Quake 00/00  
flanders.servegame.org Flanders Fields EU Deathmatch 00/00  
flanders.servegame.org:26001 Flanders Coop(EU) RQuake Team Coop 00/00  
crctf.clan-rum.org RuM ThreeWave CTF Capture The Flag 00/16 ctf8
chi.quakeone.com  Killzone Chicago Deathmatch 00/00  
ctf.clan-rum.org  RuM ThreeWave Pub CTF Capture The Flag 00/16 e1m5
bigfoot.servequake.com EuroQuake Rune Quake 00/00  
arena.clan-rum.org RuM Rocket Arena Rocket Arena 00/10 marena2
ctf.clanhdz.com Clan HDZ ThreeWave CTF Capture The Flag 00/16 e4m3
dm.clanhdz.com Clan HDZ DM Deathmatch 00/16 dm6
dm.clan-rum.org  RuM CRMOD Deathmatch 00/16 start
dm.clanhdz.com:26001 Clan HDZ2 DM Deathmatch 00/16 ztndm3

Experimental Servers

Server DNS Server Name Mod Players Map
quake.shmack.net:26003  HeadHunters 03 Head Hunters 00/16 e1m7
fvf.servequake.com:26002 Travail FOQ Travail 00/00  
fvf.servequake.com:26001  Hub QuakeOne Hub 00/00  
lab.ihoc.net:26008 IHOC Slide Hoverboard Slide 00/00  
xctf.clan-rum.org  RuM Shareware xCTF Capture The Flag 00/16 e1m5
quake.thisserversucks.com:26004  Earthquake QBall QBall 00/16 dm3
quake.thisserversucks.com:26002 Earthquake TeamFort Team Fortress 00/16 sewer1
quake.thisserversucks.com:26014 Earthquake Universal Universal Server 00/00  

European Servers

Server DNS Server Name Mod Players Map
qrf.servequake.com:26002  QRF Benzine Benzine 00/12 e3m1
qrf.servequake.com:26001 QRF ARENA Rocket Arena 00/12 arenax
qrf.servequake.com:26004 QRF SLIDE Slide 00/08 slide1
qrf.servequake.com:26003 QRF COOP RQuake Team Coop 00/08 intro
damage.servequake.com:26005  Damage CRCTF Capture The Flag 00/00  
damage.servequake.com:26006  Damage_CRMOD Deathmatch 00/00  
qrf.servequake.com QRF FFA (EU) CRMOD 00/12 summer
r0t.uk:26666  r0t_bErSeRkEr c00p bErSeRkEr 00/00  
r0t.uk:26010  r0t_New Insta c00p New Insta 00/00  
r0t.uk:26001  r0t_Coop Deathmatch 00/08 e1m1
quake.cadaval.net  Cadaval CRMOD 00/00  
quake.defcon5.dk:26001 Heimdal_MATCH CRMOD 00/00  
flanders.servegame.org:26004 Flanders_CAx Clan Arena 00/00  
flanders.servegame.org:26003  Flanders_Painkeep Painkeep 00/00  
flanders.servegame.org:26002  Flanders_DMP Death match plus 00/00  
quake.defcon5.dk Heimdal_FFA CRMOD 00/00  

Brazilian Servers

Server DNS Server Name Mod Players Map
qn.brquake.com  BRQuake CRMOD 00/00  
ak.servequake.com:26010  AK_QUAKE FFA Deathmatch 00/16 e1m1
ak.servequake.com:26020  AK_QUAKE CRMOD CRMOD 00/12 dm3
ak.servequake.com  AK_QUAKE TD2 Total Destruction 2 00/16 e1m1
ak.servequake.com:26015  AK_QUAKEK RA Rocket Arena 00/10 23ar-a
ak.servequake.com:26005  AK_QUAKE CL TD2 Clanring TD2 00/12 start