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FrikBots & CRMOD or other server mods?

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  • FrikBots & CRMOD or other server mods?

    I'm on the quest for a good server mod and setup to use for a server I'm planning to host. I'd love to find a good mod package that included various game mode options as well as a bot package.

    I've been using the Omicron bot package (which has fallen out of vogue it seems), because among other things the Omicron package includes Deathmatch 3/4 settings, support for player skins in NQ (pre-set list of 25 or so), custom map rotations, teamplay (up to 8 different teams), observer modes, and a few other nice features. Plus the Omicron bots work reasonably well (and behave human-like) on any map and learn the map as they play. So it's all good.

    Gen also put together a nice server mod and distributed it as part of the "Reinc" DM package. It's pretty slick is a sort of a CRMOD-style mod but also adds some other fun deathmatch options (QW-style quad drops, berserk modes, kascam, teamplay settings, couple of other cool game modes). Maybe that mod could be merged with the FrikBot? It doesn't have map rotation support unfortunately.

    Anyone have suggestions on other packages to look at?

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    once apon a time i was going to add frikbots
    to CAx but never did.
    look for a mod called PRO-X
    its clan arena style with Frikbpts though.

    the frikbot X is open source and can run normal
    ffa dm too. ||


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      Look at that fancy new avatar ...

      Anyway, it looks like PRO-X is a QW mod, so I'll probably steer clear of it. I have the source for the Reinc mod and maybe I can see about getting Frikbots merged with it - although I've never done and QC before .... so this might be a failing endeavor!