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  • Singleplayer maps with DM capability

    Hi all,

    Just looking for some Singleplayer maps that can be used with DM (info_player_deathmatch points).

    Generally I'm just looking for DM maps that still have plenty of detail and retain good atmosphere. I have gone through many DM maps and most of them are quite similar - same boring "multi-tiered" layout with dull texturing and details.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    From what I know, a single player map is generally built to be ran end-to-end, making it less suitable for deathmatch. Is this okay for you, or is there something else you want?


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      Fine by me. Many of them happen to work better than you'd think, especially if the mapper marked certain entities as DM-only.

      Just by doing a bit of digging I have found these with DM capability:

      -Mexx series of maps
      -Beyond belief
      -Many of the speedmaps from quaddicted archives
      -A few from the mapjams
      -Soul of evil

      Lots of others as well.


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        If you have your heart set on a certain map, you can add the DM spawn points (and whatever else you want) yourself and re-compile, provided the .map file was included and you have the necessary compilation tools. It could be a little tricky, but certainly do-able.

        Another idea is to make an .ENT file that adds spawn points externally for a map. Not entirely certain this will work, but if so, you wouldn't have to re-compile at all.


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          If we are looking at the original ones i would go with e2m1, e2m2, e1m5, e1m6, e3m1, e3em3, e3m7, e4m1 if you like water combats, e4m3 and e4m5. All of this except e1m6 need 6 or more people to play decently, which can be an issue nowadays, but have the advantage of coming prepared for DM.

          But if you really want more detail and better texturing and brushwork, singleplayer maps from Scourge of Armaggon are what your are looking for: they have an open layout as SP maps and when you play them for MP they have even more routes open specifically for DM, and they also are the most detailed official maps you'll find. And as a bonus you'll get new music to listen to.
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            I suppose those of us who have been playing the MP servers are probably used to playing all of the ID maps and other custom maps in a DM type mode, but I agree it's good to look at maps and see other possibilities. A good example I saw this week of using one type of map for another purpose was done by a very accomplished mapper called Negke, who blended a number of remixed DM maps to form a somewhat larger but still fun SP map entitled Dark Cistern.

            Maybe if you feel so inclined check out the playthrough video here -

            Kind regards
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