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  • Quakespasm-Spiked issues

    A fair warning to anybody who has been using recent Quakespasm-Spiked builds (especially those with Quake Enhanced support, but possibly also before that): Looks like these aren't working right. There are severe issues with enemy/item spawns, leading to various glitches and sometimes even showstoppers.

    - E2M1 "The Installation": A small explosive box appears on the path across the water area to the gold keycard.
    - HIP3M3 "Limbo": Vore spawns do not happen as intended when trying to grab the silver key from the rising platform. Two of them get stuck underneath their "spawn boxes" (non-player space) and never appear, preventing the key to be lowered since you can't get the necessary kills.

    This also happens in usermaps, such as:
    - "Putrid Pumps": two Ogres stuck in floor
    - "Slime Factory": three Knights not teleporting in for the final fight since they are stuck in the floor
    - "Squire of Time": "Armored Nightmare" map has rocket boxes stuck in the ceiling
    - "Cimmerian Night": First map has explosive box stuck in the ceiling
    - "Into The Dark": three Shamblers stuck in floor, one Fiend falling through map, Lightning Gun + 2 cell boxes floating in the void

    As it stands now, I'd rather recommend using regular Quakespasm 0.94.1 if possible until these severe issues are solved.
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