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DP + nQuake = Jagged Stair Climbing

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  • DP + nQuake = Jagged Stair Climbing

    Hi everyone. I'm running Darkplaces as my client, which is what I'm set on using. When I connect to my DP server (which is NetQuake-based right?) stair climbing is smooth, but when connecting to my QW server (nquake/mvdsv/ktx), stair climbing is jaggedy. If I connect with FTE to QW it's smooth climbing... so is this a client issue?

    See linked video below - first time I'm connected to DP server, then I connect to QW.

    Any server or client vars I'm possibly missing? I've searched the web to exhaustion and emailed Lord Havoc but did not receive a response. Any help in achieving smooth stair climbing in DarkPlaces + nquake server would be greatly appreciated!

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    Darkplaces is a NetQuake client, while FTEQW is a QuakeWorld client!

    Due to the amazing skills of its creators, both this clients can connect to their own protocol or to the other one. But that doesn't mean they are good at both!

    Use a NetQuake client to play NetQuake and a QuakeWorld client to play QuakeWorld!
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