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    So here's an update on the workflow for qore v07.
    Between watching The Quake Grave and Icarus Doom Mod madness, real life and all other stuff i managed to add these things to Qore:

    I managed to make it this far:
    - Frikbot added. For shits 'n giggles, also because wizardmachine had the cool idea of expanding the gore to the multiplayer part of quake, a thing that i originally didn't want to do but because of recurring tremendous idleness-seizures. But it's a great idea!

    - Player & bot dismemberment on death & different gib parts for legs, arms, torso & variations. Still need more variety but works without problems in botmatches (Hell, i'm soooooooo bad at multiplayer, a wonder that i manage to play the most maps at skill 3). Also wizardmachines idea. And it is a great idea, because i had a lot of fun while the frikbots (on skill 0) over and over handed my arse to me. Well, that was good for testing :-)

    - I added cvars for enemy abilities, so you can switch on and off their new abilities if they annoy you or you like the vanilla monster gameplay.

    - Also, if a grunt has another weapon than the standard shotgun, his skin changes. In Qore he can use Super Shotguns and Nailguns too, so those guys have now a slightly different skin. Just enough to see the difference and i'm fairly happy with it, it doesn't look flashy or too different from the original skin. As the mod grows, i will do that for other monster variations too, should there be some.

    - Currently i work on remaking all blood-skins for gibs & bloody death variations, which will take a while. The Soldier is already done and then there are only 10 other monsters to take care of, each with 7-13 skin variations, so it may take a while.
    The new blood skins fit the dark blood tone of qore very good and if you frag a grunt now, the bloddy mess is much better looking.

    And that are just the main things i did, here are the others:

    Changes for update v0.7

    - added preset qore.cfg files for different playstyles (faithful to the original gameplay but with gore OR with the most kinky other stuf i added so far).
    - Added cvar for the amount of gibs that are dropped by players
    - added different skins for the different soldiers (nails/shotgun)
    - added the missing dismemberment bleeding effects for the Fiend/Demon
    - Metal sparks added to hit effects for Knight and Hellknight
    - enemies will more often get pushed back on death
    - added a batch file to start qore
    - found out that the footsteps cvar didn't work as it should, fixed it
    - reworked the gib velocities and mass
    - increased the chainsaw damage by 20 points per frame to make it actually useful
    You still need a heckton of skill to use it as a weapon
    - fixed the dead-dog slide bug
    - hopefully fixed the knight invulnerability bug
    (not entirely sure its gone, but i shot a hundred knights without seeing it happening)
    - reworked some of the blood effects
    - Added a new shotgun: Projectiles pierce monsters
    I know there is already a nice double-barreled, but i added this new DBS because: Fuck yeah, Shotguns!
    - The single barreled shotgun fires now 8 instead of 6 pellets

    What's left to do:

    Bloodskins for all other monsters, fishgibs, balancing & code for the first added weapon, blood particle effects for the player, some other death variations for the player with animated gibs. Not much in the list but it will take a few weeks to fninish and polish it.

    I've been asked if i will add new weapons. Yes, i will, but very slowly and carefull, because it's easy to break the gameplay of Quake and i want the weapons to be balanced as good as possible. Indeed there won't be any modern rifles or machineguns or laser rifles, mostly shotguns and other stuff that fits into the theme and world of Quake. Also it will be possible to play only with the vanilla weapons or allow only selected new weapons to spawn. Also, i won't replace any of the vanilla models, so everybody can use her/his replacements or highres skins. And there won't be any ironsight-function. Reloading will be a function for some of the new weapons for the sake of performance.

    In the first video you can see the new gibstage-thingy (shoot dead monsters repeatedly to shoot them into smaller chunks), and the new blood skins for the soldier. In the second video you can see soldiers taking vengeance on me, shooting the player into gibs. The player Bloodskins have still to be polished and some additional particle effects are still missing, but it works quite well so far.
    You might also notice, that i work on the weapon sound effects to give them a more hefty punch. A matter of taste, but i think for the shotgun and the nailgun i did a good job. The weapon sounds will be available as independent download here on as soon as they are finished. If that will ever be the case.

    Gibstages, new bloodskins & weapon sounds:

    Player gibs & frags under construction:

    Cheers, Hals und Beinbruch,
    I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
    My little gore mod :


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      I LOVE the bloody sound effects!
      'Replacement Player Models' Project


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        Thanks. They are free for everyone to use. I think the link to the source is in the readme, if you want to have them for your own mod.
        I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
        My little gore mod :


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          Hey, TKJ!

          Nice to see some progress on the player gibs for multiplayer. I hope these will include painloops too


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            Not in the next version, but after that there will be some. It will just render the player unable to move, as soon as the player clicks the LMB he will frag & respawn. At least that's how i though it will work. Of course the painlooped player will be free to be gibbed too. And it will be optional.
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            I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
            My little gore mod :


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              The Gibstages are polished and working for the most monsters. I decided to restrict certain death animations to specific weapons. This gives a much nicer feeling of reward, lowers the gore and the happening of gore + it adds back atmosphere, which got lost a little. So in 07 there will be less but therefore more rewarding explosions of everything. Unless you have a rocket launcher. Then everything will burn and splat and splat and frag and crack. A lot.

              I also added two new enemies and finished the skins and the painskins for the new Soldier variations. Three new weapons also found their way into the arsenal. I balanced them as good as i could. Damagewise they sit in between the other weapons. Though i still have trouble with those damned weapon select and weapon cycling functions. You can of course tell the mod to spawn the new weapons or to spawn them not. It is even possible to let only specified weapons spawn.

              Also i worked on the multiplayer a little bit more. I tried to make bloody skins for the player deaths, but i continue to mess them up. It must be something with the shirt and leg colors, that throws some bytes around and what you see on screen is an ugly red/black pixel mess on the dead players. But it works. Technically. And i added a 3rd person deathcam. And yes, that can be shut off by cvars as well.

              About the gore itself: I reworked some effects again and the outcome is satisfying. It looks more volumetric and is not as exaggerted as before. The same counts for the gibs. I reduced the number of flying flesh a bit and added cvars to the qore.cfg to let the player decide how many she/he wants to see. Apropros blood: There is more but the decals are less overlapping, which looks more "natural" and less trashy.

              You might also notice, that in the new gameplay videos the game looks more pixelised than darkplaces usually does. That is because i found a thread at about different render settings in darkplaces. It looks more like the original engine, well, at least as much as DP allows it. I added 3 different settings to the qore.cfg, so as soon as 07 is out, you can choose yourself which rendersetting you use. I did this because a lot of people like the grungy pixel-look of the original Quake and Darkplaces default shader-setting doesn't allow it, but the engine conatins a lot of stuff and so you can now go either full blown retro (you CAN go full blown retro and live with it ;-), retro with realtime lightning or the usual Darkplaces shaders & lightning. But the retroshader will be the default. There will also be a pixelised version of the particlefont.tga, so the particles look blocky too.

              What's left to say? Oh yes, i made no progress with the painskins, but that's on the list. Instead of adding them all in one update i will make them one by one. It's even more work the more monsters i add *sigh*. But i want those new monsters :-)

              In case i forgot to mention it: Every new addition except the gore can be switched on or off, so you can either have your vanilla-quake with gore or some enhancements.

              So what's left to do until release?
              A monster painskin (Ogre), a very small weapon balancing for the three new weapons (must do the math), fish gibs (somehow slipped the schedule), one nasty player death animation bug. Should be done & ready next week, so next friday i can release 07, if nothing get's in the way.


              General action to give an impression of how the gameplay can look now:

              The first new enemy : A low tier enforcer variant, shooting bouncing acid that explodes after a few moments. Not the biggest thread but don't underestimate him. The reason to add him: The low tier Quake enemy roster had no one who shot grenades.

              The first mid-tier enemy: Nail Ogre. I put the knights helmet on his head and gave him a Quake 3 Arena-like nailgun The helmet looks a little goofy. But cool thing, definetly adds a fresh variation to the rythm and tact of the Quake move-shoot-dodge-dance that Quake singleplayer is. You also can see how the new Fullbody frags particle effect will look.

              That's it for now, have a nice day.
              TKJ :-)
              I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
              My little gore mod :


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                Some new screenshots. It's cool to see that it anything slowly falls into place. Modding rocks!
                I once was a Ranger like you. But then i took a rocket to the knee.
                My little gore mod :


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                  I'm digging the pixely look! Right on!
                  'Replacement Player Models' Project