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  • Flash Develop is Bad-ass

    I switched from Adobe CS5 to Flash Develop a couple of months ago. In this time I have realized some things about flash develop that some of you nerds might not know.

    Flash Develop had to have been built on NP++, the shortcuts and features are identical (well except for the extra features FD has).

    This is a very good thing. Flash Develops main perk is that it will set up an entire Flash/AIR development environment for you. That's a complicated thing to do even when you know what you are doing. It's effortless in FD.

    If you add on the fact that it is really a very polished NP++ you realize that FD supports PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, Object Notation, Javascript, SQL and probably any other NP++ plug-in.

    I currently set-up a project in a local xampp server htdocs. This means that I can program in all of the most common web languages in the exact same manner that I was doing it in NP++, but I have the added bonus of a complete flash/AIR compiler at my disposal in the same editor.

    There is also much more aggressive syntax highlighting. It learns your classes and other things as you type and adds your syntax to the highlighter. This is a really good feature. If the class does not actually exist and/or you do not import the class in the top of the document, it will not highlight it. I think that's a very smooth indicator. There is plenty more but I just wanted to *heads up* a tool that I am using for anyone else that may develop for the general web and/or flash/AIR.

    The regular Adobe Script Editor is very good but I don't consider it to be as elite as Flash Develop. Flash Develop can also be made portable and it never crashes. If you use Adobe Flash CSX you know, that garbage is crashalicious. Flash Develop never crashes.