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Haemolacria - Vlad Dracula Reincarnated

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  • Haemolacria - Vlad Dracula Reincarnated

    Haemolacria - Vlad Dracula Reincarnated

    Genres: Atmospheric Gothic Ambient; Dark Ambient; Dungeon Synth


    I am going to release an album or at least an EP by the 12th of May, 2017.

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    I like it. I listen to ambient music a lot. Not usually stuff that is so dark but, ambient none-the-less. It allows me to think/program/create without disturbing my focus. I would probably buy your album. My only criticism is that the rain was too loud IMO. Is it all more of the same?


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      I'm burned out, I released my EP:

      It's a mixture of lo-fi, cinematic, soundtrack, dark, fantasy, space/synth stuff.

      Thanks for the compliments.


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        I tried to give you 10 bucks but, it still put it in my cart for 6. I don't know if I did something wrong or if their site has a glitch... either way, I bought a copy and supported you.


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          Thanks .


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            It's pretty good, bro. I was listening to it at work today. One of my co-workers asked about it and I said ”You don't know!? This is the latest Hamalakamama (lol I couldn't remember the name)"


            I sent them a link in a text to your bandcamp.


            It's just the right thing IMO. You made an affordable quality product, you're one of us and "we're" here with you... we should support each other. I would have bought it even if I didn't like it. I do like it though.
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              Thanks man .


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                Btw if anyone wants to use my music or segments of it they can, just so long as they credit it me. Thanks .


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                  One of your songs in particular (can't remember the name) does sound like video game music to me.

                  Edit: edge of mirkwood reminds me of zelda

                  Edit2: you should put your bandcamp in your signature... every signature on every site for which you have one.

                  A MySpace page would probably be a good idea, too. That shit is not dead. You could promote yourself to success by simply getting your link out on as many sites as possible. If this was my album I would spend a week flooding the internet with it. I'd then flood the internet with links to the link. For instance, if you (ex) made a MySpace, spam the world with that link too. Those linkbacks help give you rank in Google for searches. Giving all your pages well thought-out tags would help a lot as well.

                  If there are description fields make sure you include ALL your tag keywords in the description but, be careful not to try and cram it in there. For instance, if you are only allowed 500 characters for a description, maybe only use 2 or 3 tags and try to repeat them each 1 time.

                  Word density and relevance can be your greatest asset or your worst nightmare. It's a thin line. The better you do, the more money you will make cause Google will "like" you and treat you as if you are legit.
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                    My gawd. Youtube is such a vast wasteland of mindlessness and bulldada. I sit here listening to your stuff, and like a moth to a flame, I get sucked into clicking all these recommended videos down the right side of the page. I click and click, going from one rabbit hole to another, until somehow I end up on some one hour Charismatic Christian video about "Choose between YHWH or BAAL!" and it makes me want to reach through my computer, grab these people by the collar, and shake them violently while screaming, "LOOK WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH YOUR LIFE! NONE OF THIS CRAP MATTERS!" But I guess... if they're at home with their noses glued to a computer screen watching that drivel, then at least they aren't banging on my door with free pamphlets and their "message".

                    Anyway... sorry, kinda derailed your thread with a rant for a second there.

                    But yeah. Cool shit. Wish I had a few grand laying around that I could spend on some keyboards and samplers and MIDI stuff for virtual instruments. I've been kicking around the idea of getting back into writing and recording and trying my hand at some more classic rock and classic progressive rock oriented stuff. It would be cool as hell if I could get me a keyboard that would play virtual instruments, ideally something like a 70's mellotron sound, kinda like what Genesis, Yes, and Emerson Lake and Palmer used to use a lot. I've got a pretty heavy background in death metal, so inevitably whatever I end up writing will take a turn towards the metal side no matter how purely classic rock I'll start out wanting it to sound.

                    So if you could, talk about what kinda gear and programs and techniques you use to do what you do. Might could learn something from you.


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                      Thanks for the advice guys, when I get motivation back I shall take them into account.


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                        I had to re-upload my EP due to running out of time on SoundCloud, so I got a SoundCloud Pro account and re-uploaded it: This time I tied each concept of each song together in the songs descriptions.