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  • Flying CAR

    What would you do for a flying car?

    incase the stupid embed thing don't work:

    I know i'd agree to terms provided it came with a full tank of gas, how bout you? ^^

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    Is this from Clerks2 or just a standalone thing? This makes me want to watch Clerks2 (finally).


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      Clerks2 ....

      Clerks is in BLACK AND WHITE

      also two scenes are backwards with Dante's girlfriend that occurs in the gas station.
      This body holding me,reminds me of my own mortality.
      Embrace this moment, remember, we are eternal,all this pain is an illusion.


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          Indeed R00K i was aware there is an actual flying car believe there are two models that exist at present by some guy who designed em and tested em an stuffs....

          But someone at work told me to check that youtube thingie out and i thought it was kind've funny so i posted it on to see if i could get any replies... lol.

          Clerks (for some reason i reminded of a retail store where they selling clothing and stuffs but it more so they talk and make lewd jokes all day rather then do any actual work).... but i think that is something else a tv series i think....

          Not sure i seen clerks... will have to look into that sometime.