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Calling all Xbox360 FPS players!

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  • Calling all Xbox360 FPS players!

    I figured if you own an Xbox360, play Black Ops and also cut your teeth on wolf3d then you might like this...

    I j ust bought a XIM3


    XIM3 is the most sophisticated mouse and keyboard (and more) adapter available on any console. Unsurpassed by its quality, ease-of-use, and flexibility, XIM3 is the perfect companion to the even most demanding gamer.

    The Benefits of XIM:
    • Next-generation console input adapter
    • Game on your Xbox 360 using your favorite PC gaming-grade hardware
    • Mice, Keyboards, Joysticks, and Gameboard compatibility
    • Unsurpassed in-game 1-to-1 feel thanks to advanced Smart Translator technology
    • Simple configuration through an on-board full-color LCD screen
    • Real-time feedback through the LCD to guide you to your optimal settings
    • Supports your existing Xbox headsets and chatpads
    • Firmware upgradable
    Xim3 introduction video:
    [ame=]XIM3 Introduction - YouTube[/ame]

    Xim3 in motion:
    [ame=]XIM3: Mouse and Keyboard on Xbox 360 | Black Ops Demo - YouTube[/ame]

    And before the babies cry "thats cheeeeaatting!" Xim3 creators ASKED MICROSOFT if it was legit to make for their console and they approved so..

    I've never been very good with FPS controls and every person's response has basically been praising the Xim3 or fapping over it in their responses heh...

    I've never been big on console first person shooters specifically because of this and I even purchased a Logitech G500 laser mouse specificaly for my Xbox360!

    It should be here Thursday and I have a wired controller on the way also

    I sold off Halo 3 because I played Halo 1 on PC and the translation for me was completely lost!

    Anyone else here seen, tried or have a XIM3?
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    I'm pretty interested in how well this thing works. There's a few games for xbox I might actually finish if I can use a mouse and KB. Let us know how you like it!