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John Carmack's 16:9 1080p 1995

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  • John Carmack's 16:9 1080p 1995

    John Carmack coded Quake on a 28-inch 16:9 1080p monitor in 1995 ? Video Games Reviews, Cheats |

    Freakin ran across this while browsing around last night =)

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    I saw that in a computer mag back in 95. I had a 19" CRT at that time and upgraded then to a used Eizo 21" CRT in 96.


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      I remember some of our professors at uni had really, really big CRTs around that time as well.

      I had a 640x480 b/w screen on my Atari, in the outback behind where most people think Germany ends. I also only had a b/w printer some time after that; I typed my seminar works on a friggin' typewriter in 1995. With footnotes...

      The world is unfair.

      Admittedly the place where I live is awesome and hordes of tourists pay money to come here, so that was the upside.
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        Interesting. I service and repaired CRT's sometimes back then...still do now sometimes. Got to play quake in 800-600 on an old Mitsubishi diamondscan HA-3905ADK with my old Pentium pro mmx200 and the Matrox millenium Vid card. Was hard to find the right .inf driver file for it cause of its odd parameters. But that has to be the biggest CRT monitor ever made, never knew about a 28 inch CRT back then, and at 100# weight, must have taken all the geeks working in the area if he had to move it.


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          Imagine how hot his office got from that thing...


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            Imagine how much more quickly he could have gotten out Quake if he hadn't had such a large monitor to look at pr0n on =)