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  • Play multiplayer offline (with bots)

    Hi all, I would like to play offline multiplayer DM with bots, particularily using epsilon. But I don't know how. Any ideas?
    I've tried to install bots but I get errors. I'm new here excuse me if this is a wrong topic here.


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    What kind of errors? Can you post a log of the console? Did you read the readme very carefully? What engine are you using? Do you have any interfering PAK files in your ID1 directory? Make sure you're not already running another mod.

    Best advice I can give with limited information is to do a totally clean install of Quake. Then drop the mod folder into your Quake directory. Create a shortcut to the engine, open its properties, and add "-game <mod name>" to the commandline, without quotations, and the <mod name> the actual name of the mod's folder.

    I've never used Epsilon before but I highly recommend FrogBot for bots. They're damn smart and the install is easy. Pretty much follow the instructions I gave above.
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