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  • Interest in new Deathmatch Maps?

    I recently got back into classic Quake. Did a playthrough of the original game and started making my way through modern mods and such. The excitement rekindled an interest in mapping. Right now I'm working on porting a level I enjoy from QuakeLive (Wiebo de Wit's "Overkill" map) using just the original textures from Quake. It's going pretty well, and I've been testing it in multiplayer with my son and some reaper bots. I didn't quite get the scale right compared to the original map. It's a lot smaller than I intended, but that makes the map a lot faster and arguably more intense for deathmatch.

    Anyway, I'm close to done, and wondering if anyone would be interested in running this map or any other new DM maps if I were to make more.

    Let me know if there's interest. Thanks!

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    It looks pretty neat. i'd love to give it a few runs


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      Apologies for not catching this thread earlier Rhoq, I tend to be spending more time over on NextGenQuake lately and must have missed this.
      I particularly like the lighting in some of those maps, it is very atmospheric and you seem to have a talent there.
      Is there a download link where I could get these from and perhaps try them out? If they are suitable, and assuming I still have access to the New York and Damage servers (I'll contact Polarite if not), I might be able to pop them on there for a spot of FFA / DM action. In any event keep up the good work, you've got something there.

      Kind regards
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