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Where can I get the QuakeCD music?

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  • Where can I get the QuakeCD music?

    I don't know if this belongs in media or not, but I wonder does anyone have high-quality MP3s of the songs that play when you leave the Quake installation CD in the drive while you play? I fucking LOVE those songs!

    Is there any list of which songs go with each map; perhaps written into the code of the game?

    Also, is it possible for me to code a patch that loads the songs within the Quake program when I start the game? In 1996 this notion was insane, but in 2006 I allocate 125MB of DDR ram to Quake. I'm pretty sure the game can more than handle keeping 45MB of MP3's loaded!


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    Darkplaces supports 'fake cd tracks', meaning you put your cd tracks in some folder 'sound/cdtracks' or something (that's probably not right) and they would override the CD player.

    Of course you had to have them in a friendly format, namely Ogg-vorbis. I could rip them for you if it weren't illegal...


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      Originally posted by ubermensch
      Is there any list of which songs go with each map; perhaps written into the code of the game?
      I think it's in the bsp files. In any map file is information about which CD track should be played. It goes only by track number, IIRC. So no checks are performed. Meaning when a map loads, it knows which CD track to play. If the CD is the Quake CD is irrelevant. Even with other CDs, a certain map should always load the same track #.

      I believe it's in the map's worldspawn entity.

      Take your mp3s, convert them to .wav and burn them to a CD with the right track numbers. The game will pick which track # to play for each map. This should work.
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        i used to have them somewhere...i will look around some..


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          The track # is specified by worldspawn, along with the map name and what style of key and rune to use.

          Another thing DP does that I love, as Sajt pointed out. I just keep quakemusic.pk3 in my id1 folder. If I dont want music, I go into the options menu and turn down the cd volume. It even acknowledges the cd commands in console to change the ogg being played.
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