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  • Name this quake mod?

    I cant remember the name of the mod where you have an RL with guided missiles, and other gadgets. Anyone know the name of it and what servers are active - if any?
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    I think that was called Junker mod. It also had tripwires. The server I remember always played the START map, all day 24/7.

    There are no servers running this.

    Junker Mod was based on DMPLUS (I think) (QuakeC source).

    This has the guided missile code:

    Head Shots!
    * When using the sniper rifle you can shoot players in the head.
    * Head shots ignore armor effect.
    * Torso shots include armor effect.
    * Leg shots ignore armor effect, and victim bleeds as per severing.
    * When crouching, legs and head are more difficult to hit, the torso
    presents the largest target. So if someone is sniping at you
    and you have armor: crouch...they probably are too.
    * Completely original code, concept courtesy of CheckWaterJump();
    I think it's great, even if I do say so myself. }:-]
    * I will probably apply this to all non-radius effect weapons
    ..... eventually.
    IMPULSE NONE [use the sniper rifle]

    IMPULSE 251 [calls similar function CheckIfHeadShot();
    that checks where on an opponent the
    player is aiming.]
    IMPULSE 30 [I have temporarily hooked it up to the
    crosshair/laser sight thingy, so if
    you use the crosshair you will see it
    in dynamic action]

    T_DirectDamage (and modifications to T_WaterRadiusDamage & T_BeamDamage)
    * Many forms of damage should not be influenced by the players armor:
    eg: Armor should not protect the player from drowning,
    or falling.
    * Some forms of player inflicted damage ignore armor.
    eg: Lightning bolts.
    Being pushed off a cliff!

    Jetpack Toss
    * Throw your jetpack and all of it's fuel.
    * Good for stockpiling jetpacks.
    IMPULSE 43

    Motion Sensor
    * If you move you get shot.
    * Owner not shot at.
    * Fires nails 1 per second.
    * Requires 100 nails.
    * Does 25 damage per hit.
    * Sensor has 300 health.
    IMPULSE 9 [launch sensor] 24 [reload sensor]

    More Cells
    * Cells replace shells and nails 20% of the time.
    * Levels previously with no cells, will now likely have at least a few.
    IMPULSE NONE (PROB_CELLS in defs.qc is replacement probability)

    * Push stuff around, if you can hurt it, you can shove it.
    * some items may be too low or too high off the ground to shove, but
    I'm pretty sure everything can be shoved, even corpses.
    The object's height is the only limitation... If you cannot
    shove something, then crouch and try again.
    * Items will respawn wherever they were last shoved to.
    IMPULSE 14

    Gibable corpses
    * Corpses take damage, until reduced to mash.
    * They can be shoved around to form barriers, or trip people up.
    * Corpses make mushy noises when they are gibbed, so occasionally the
    bad guy will be shooting at you and blow up a corpse, then
    come waltzing around the corner to collect the booty, thinking
    that they just blasted you... Crouch down and let em have it.

    Grappling hook
    * Basically just a direct implementation of HOOK22.ZIP
    Plus some improvements
    * Only one impulse to extend and remove hook.
    * Hurts whatever it sticks into.
    * Will draw items toward the player, the player remains where they were.
    ie: shoot another player, some ammo, a weapon, or armor
    and it will be drawn toward you. NOTE: The target
    is still being damaged as it moves, so it may blow
    up just as it gets to you.
    * If object hit is not moveable (eg: the world, a wall) the player
    will be drawn toward the wall as per usual.
    IMPULSE 45

    Crouching Position
    * Crouch down and present a smaller target to your opponent.
    * Movement rate is limited to 50% forward and 25% sideways.
    * New frames for player.mdl
    * Base frame [# 144] courtesy of Glen Murphy AKA FrenZon - Crouch v1.0
    * Can use (almost any weapon) from crouching position : except the axe,
    until I get around to making a suitable frame for the
    axe attack, run, die etc I have just procluded it's use. If you
    run out of ammo: shove and grappling hook, or better yet: stand up
    and use the axe. But not while crouching.
    * Can jump from crouching position.
    * Crouch function does a check on upper corners of players bounding box
    to ensure that it is possible to stand up, before doing so.
    IMPULSE 44 (also to get up again)

    Axe Frenzy
    * Axe does significant damage (3 hits is almost always enough)
    * Upper and lower body haemmoraging.
    * One average swipe starts the upper body bleeding:
    - Big weapons do damage to the person firing them.
    - Movement rate is 95%
    * Two average swipes or one good swipe makes upper and lower
    body bleed.
    - Big weapons do Big damage to the firer. (DON'T use
    the payload rocket if you're limping.)
    - Movement rate is 50%
    - Moving around or jumping causes further injury.
    * Mega-Health heals one injury site. (legs or arms)
    Two mega-Healths required if both sites are bleeding.
    * Levels no longer get boring after you have accidentally
    blown all the weapons up, some pipebombs and an axe are
    all you need,... maybe just the axe !
    IMPULSE NONE [just use the axe]

    Weapon Toss
    * Toss your current weapon to someone else, or just stash it for later.
    * Good for team play, when your partner has only the shotgun, you have
    everything, and the bad guys are coming.
    IMPULSE 41

    * Hologram, does what player does, without going anywhere.
    * With Cam function.
    IMPULSE 31(on), 32(holo-cam )

    A flashlight to attract enemy fire with
    * A flashlight (uses NO power )
    * Does NOT illuminate the user.
    * Great for attracting enemy fire, or diverting fire to an opponent
    lurking in the dark.
    IMPULSE 13

    Exploding Spikes
    * Nails explode on contact with player/monster or after 2 seconds.
    IMPULSE normal nailgun buttons [4&5] toggle these too.

    Throwable & Destroyable Backpacks
    * Backpacks that can be thrown down, or destroyed.
    * Backpacks throw spikes when detonated.
    * When you kill an opponent and their backpack survives the onslaught,
    ALL of the weapons and remaining armor they had will be in the
    backpack they drop, rather than just their current weapon.
    IMPULSE 40 [throw a backpack containing ammo & jetpack fuel]

    * Throw multiple [5] Grenades, detonate all when desired.
    * Can be detonated by shooting them (nails or explosions)
    IMPULSE 61 - Fires pipe bombs.
    IMPULSE 62 - Detonates all pipe bombs.

    Choked Shotguns & Fully Automatic Shotgun
    * Choked shotguns have half normal bullet spread, twice range
    IMPULSE normal shotgun buttons [2&3] toggle these too.

    * FULL-AUTO Shotgun fires the regular
    * Respawned with 25 shells, a shotgun and a grudge?
    You can still mow em down.
    IMPULSE normal shotgun button [ 2 ] toggles

    Sniper Rifle
    * For serious damage sniping.
    * Forces playe rto move at half movement rate while using sniper rifle.
    * Bullet moves at twice normal nail speed.
    * Reloads slowly.
    * Uses 10 nails per shot.
    * 176 - 225 points damage !
    * Best used when crouching.

    * A portable electric fence.
    * Make nice perimeter guards, while you are guiding a missile elsewhere.
    * Charged tripwire does big damage on contact.
    * May be destroyed.
    IMPULSE 21 [set point 1] 22 [set point 2] 23 [remove point 1]

    * Jetpack replaces items by preset probability.
    * Fuel display.
    IMPULSE Double jump [jump again while still in the air]

    Laser Sight
    * Crosshair courtesy of LAZSIGHT (modified by me)
    * Crosshair changes colour to indicate entity targetted.
    - blue = world
    - red = damageable [includes secret doors]
    - yellow = door/platform [includes secret doors]
    IMPULSE 30

    [color=#ffcc33]Guided Missiles
    * Hide good and launch a missile to check things out.
    * button2 (jump - on my setup) detonates the missile in flight.

    Payload Missiles
    * Launch a rocket with 4 grenades attached.
    * Grenades eject on impact, explode 1.5 secs later.
    * Grenades may be individually dropped in flight.
    * Nice launcher model to suit. (Courtesy of
    * New sound (courtesy of MECH.ZIP but modified)
    IMPULSE 6 (selects weapon)
    IMPULSE 25 (drops grenades in flight) - Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.

    So while you guys all have to fight your anti-matter counterparts, me and my evil twin will be drinking a beer laughing at you guys ...


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      That's right. The mod where the bugs were some of the best features.

      Redrum ran that for a long time, with HEATH as co-moderator.
      I recall Gavin360, Satan, and Powderpuff (jackass) also playing there, among others. That was my fave server for a while.


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        hehe i've been reading thru those features and it sounds pretty wicked to me would be cool to check it out.. anyone got a spare server to run this mod?


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          Heh. I happened to remember the old website, old school junker:

          Looks like a lot of good stuff there, including downloads, screenshots, and the messageboard.


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            Peg, This is the mod I've been discussing with Jackhammer. I'm in the process of (re)building a server to bring this mod back on line to try it for a bit and see if it's still as fun as it used to be. PM me here or at the site I gave you in my recent pm to you if you are interested.

            Kind regards

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              dunno the mod but BigEd's-Q-Server had guided missiles AND it was only START map!! WOOT!!!


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                Death Match Plus

                There is now a server online of my FAVORITE Q1 MOD EVER!!!


                cya there! thanks Mr Burns for the code!!!


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                  Happy to help a fellow DMP fan Anthrax We're a rare breed these days.

                  Time's a bit of a precious commodity for me these days but I'll try and drop by Friday or saturday night (GMT) and drop a few RTBs with you ahh nostalgia.. All we need now is Slurpee machine to come back and we're sorted. If I get a minute I'll drop an email to Crunch [The author of the version you have ] to see if he's interested. I'll try and mention it to Peg and Polarite as I know they've been known to play DMP when they fancied a change.

                  Good luck with the server

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                  WWW: Quake Terminus , QuakeVoid You Tube: QuakeVoid

                  News: JCR's excellent ctsj_jcr map is being ported to OOT


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                    Hey Burns feel free to start a server on flanders if u want
                    Always nice to see a classic mod returns.
                    My servers for the gamers:

                    port 26000 EuroQuake
                    port 26001 EuroQuake Coop

                    Offline ATM
                    Offline ATM
                    port 26010



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                      Oh man, I used to hide in the closet until my Mother went to work to play this mod alllllll day!!!! Nostalgia!!

                      Good thread.

                      (prepared for the coming out of closet jokes), save them for Lerster